Friday, November 30, 2007

Megan's Flower Punchneedle

Megan's Flower Punchneedle #901

I named this pattern after my younger daughter, who loves the color combination of pink, brown, and red together. She also enjoys doing punchneedle in addition to scrapbooking and making cards & jewellry. She's a really crafty kid!

A punchneedle design measuring 6 1/2" square. Includes ideas on how to finish your design, such as a pillow, wall hanging, etc. Uses DMC embroidery floss. I used an Igolochkoy punchneedle for the sample.

$10.00 U.S. includes shipping and handling

Contact me for ordering information.

All profits from the sale of this pattern will be donated to an international clothing and shelter fund for those in need. Thank You!!!

Ladybug Garden Quilt Pattern

Ladybug Garden #101

A table topper or wall hanging pattern (finished size 47" x 47"), plus a pillow pattern. Quilt has dimensional ladybugs and dragonfly. Features 2 different colorways- one pastel, the other country colors.

$11.oo U.S., includes shipping & handling

Contact me for ordering information.

All profits from the sale of this pattern will be used to provide a backpack and school supplies for a needy child in America. Thank You!!!

A Sneak Peek

Just a little tiny sneak peek of a couple of projects I am working on, one for a magazine submission and another that I'm not quite sure what I'm going to do with yet. Both are wool- I love wool, I like to dye my own. Messy and time consuming, but fun.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Still Playing

Still trying to figure this photo thing out! It is kind of frustrating, when you know how you want something to look, but can't figure out how to tell that to the computer. Or when you do something right, but don't know how you did it. So it goes with this photo. I moved it somehow, but don't know how I did it, therefore I don't know how to do it again.

Oh well. Please forgive my prattling on.
Maybe I'll go take more photos....

I Did It!

Gee, I set up this blog almost a year ago, but this is my first post! I have been looking at some really beautiful blogs, maybe that was a little intimidating for me. But I'd really like to give it a try, so here I am. I'm not very "tech-y" (that's hubby's department), but I know that the best way to learn is to do (I just hope I don't get too frustrated- I tend to get very impatient with myself).

I was putting some ornaments on my tree today- very fun because I have never had a Christmas tree in my studio before, but hubby thought a tree that would be visible from the street would be nice. Our family room is on the back of the house, but lucky me, my studio happens to be in the front! So anyway, I got to buy a bunch of new ornaments and they were so pretty I decided to take some "art" photos. So today, I will attempt to insert a photo.

Ok, it worked, but it kind of took a long time. And I am trying to figure out how to get the pictures exactly where I want them. But I did it!


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