Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Kansas City Quilt Market

We promised photos of Quilt Market. I know everyone has photos up on their blogs- so you don't need much more from me... I am doing a real quick tour for you... because I figure by now you've seen all the photos. And we are 11 days until my daughter's wedding... so I have a few other things on my mind....

My favorite thing about going to Quilt Market is meeting up with all of the people that I only get to see once or twice a year...

Me and my good pal Brenda Pinnick

My design director at Henry Glass, Harriet Clemens

Fellow Henry Glass designer Anni Downs of Hatched and Patched

Very popular designer and my friend, Lynnette Anderson.

Author and Henry Glass designer Linda Lum deBono does a demonstration at the Martingale booth. Her new book is called Sew Merry & Bright.

 The very sweet and lovely Jill Finley of Jillily Studio.

 Did you know that Chewbacca is a quilter? Me either.....

 Samantha and I with fabulous designer Carina Gardner.

 My friend and fellow Henry Glass fabric designer and Kansas City Star author Dawn Heese.

I always look forward to seeing Helen Stubbings of Hugs n Kisses at Market.

We literally chased this cute little lady down the aisle so we could get her picture. Do you love the Segway and the helmet?? I do! Creative transportation at Market!

Me and my very best friends in the world, Ricky Tims and Alex Anderson (ha ha just kidding. These are cardboard cut outs, in case you couldn't figure that out.... but they send their regards...)

My REAL BFF, daughter Samantha.

OK off to do some wedding stuff. The big day is hurdling towards us. I have very mixed feelings about it all....

Friday, May 25, 2012

Pinterest Pick: Stuff on Sticks

My daughter Samantha is back for another guest blogger post...

Last week I said to my mom, "I think my next post is going to be about stuff on sticks.  There's so much stuff you can put on sticks!"
She just gave me a sideways glance and said, "Ok..."

But it's true!  There IS so much stuff you can put on sticks!  And we all love to do it.  Just look at how cake pops took off.  They are just cake and icing... but they're on sticks.  See what I'm getting at here?

So I figured today, I'll guide you into the world of stuff that can be put on sticks.  Some of that stuff is healthy stuff, no less.

Exhibit A--

Apple slices put on sticks, and then covered in chocolate!  I know we are all familiar with candy and chocolate apples, but just doing the slices makes is so much easier... and a little prettier!  The blog they came from calls them "Apple Lollies," which is a name that's just as adorable as the lollies themselves.

A similar, but more exotic idea...

Can you imagine serving these babies up to your friends on a Friday night? So fun!

Exhibit B--

These banana pops are super healthy!  And the best part is that you can cover the banana in anything you want.  Coconut, nuts, crushed cereal, cookies, chocolate chips... you name it.  All you have to do is dip the banana in honey, which acts as the "glue," and then roll it in whatever yummy topping you have in mind and then freeze.  Brilliant! (Find recipe here.)

Exhibit C--

Hot chocolate on a stick! They look sinfully delicious, don't they?  And they really are literally hot chocolate frozen onto sticks.  How that for ingenuity?  I wonder if there's a coffee variation...

Exhibit D--

Last, we have these delicious yogurt covered strawberries.  This is a low-ingredient indulgent snack that's easy on the eyes and your calorie count!  I can't wait to try these myself... and I'm sure you can't either!

We had tons of fun at the Kansas City Quilt Market!  Can't wait to share our pictures and stories with you all next week!

Happy pinning, and happy weekend!


Monday, May 21, 2012

Junior Prom

We are just back from Quilt Market, and I will be putting up some photos soon. In the meantime, I wanted to share with you some photos from an even more important event- Junior Prom!

Younger daughter tried on lots of dresses, and chose something I really didn't expect- a sparkly sequined  gown.

(I love her "shy smile" in this photo....)

A bunch of her friends gathered at her friend's beautiful home for photos. Don't all of the girls look lovely??

Of course, the girls got a little silly. They decided it would be fun to kick off their shoes and run through the field (this was before prom- no regard for hair or make up, ha ha.)

and they couldn't resist the ubiquitous "Titanic" pose...

Finally, this candid shot is one of my favorites....

The girls are very close, and there is such a sisterly love there... it was a special thing to witness.
Have a happy Monday. Hopefully I will get some photos from Quilt Market up here soon.

P.S. Sarah forever in our hearts.......

Friday, May 18, 2012

Kansas City Instagram

Hi everyone!
Samantha here, just wanting to check in and say hi while we are away at Quilt Market this weekend.  Kansas City is a great place; being here feels like vacation!  And even though we are working hard, there's still plenty of time for play and, of course, food.

Here are some highlights from the trip so far:
1. Getting Jamba Juice at the Philadelphia airport.  So deliciously healthy, and such a treat, since I don't see    Jamba Juice stores that often where we live.

2. The ride over the Broadway Bridge into the city.  Perfect weather, and a perfect view!

3. The architecture here is so neat to me.  A lot of old brick buildings and full wall murals.

4. Getting dinner at Lulu's Thai Noodle Shop.  It was so retro and cool, but so spicy, even though we ordered the "medium" heat. That'll teach us for trying to be brave!

5. Getting to wear cute clothes for market. I love dressing up (and borrowing my mom's jewelry), so every day at market for me is like a fashion show.

6. Exploring the city with my mom. It's so much fun, especially on beautiful days like the ones this week.

7. Meeting all of the "Designing Divas" of Henry Glass.  This is Dawn Heese of Linen Closet Quilts, who is terribly talented and so sweet!

8. Eating more food. Cajun fish tacos = amazing outdoor lunch.

9. Participating in school houses yesterday.  If you went to the Henry Glass schoolhouses, you may have seen me as "Handout Girl."  Seeing my mom and the other lovely ladies in their element as they presented their fabrics was really exhilarating.

Follow us on instagram (for iphone, ipad, or android), Facebook, or Twitter to get more highlights as we go!  Pictures, of booths, quilts, and lots more food to come!

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Lovely Lunch

A couple of weeks ago, daughter and I were out shopping. (Planning a wedding requires lots and lots of shopping- good thing I am up for the challenge!) There was a cafe that she had been wanting to try, connected to a plant nursery. I had my doubts, but we walked through the nursery to the cafe.... It was so beautiful! A very pleasant surprise. And then we realized that it was connected to an absolutely gorgeous shop, full of plants, dishes, soaps, jewelry, gardening supplies and furniture..... heaven! We walked around the shop a bit and then headed back to the cafe for lunch.

We started with iced tea and a ginger lime spritzer served in Mason jars, and a loaf of "pot bread"- which, let me tell you- was delicious...

For lunch, we shared a cheese plate full of artisinal cheeses and spreads, and each had a Quinoa Salad with Beet Puree.

(This wooden disc platter is available for purchase in the adjoining shop.)

The decor is really lovely- you feel like you are sitting in the middle of an ancient forest somewhere, with rocks and ferns and moss.... The prices are a bit high, but for a special occasion, I highly recommend it. You can see a menu here. It is located in Glen Mills, PA, and a they have a brand new location in Westport, CT.

Some items from the adjoining shop, called Terrain:

Now, here is a funny story.... the day before we ended up here, I was reading in Country Living Magazine that Anthropologie had a garden store in Glen Mills, PA. I asked my husband how far that was from us- not too far he said. I was so excited- because I love Anthropologie. The name of the garden shop was Terrain. As Daughter and I walked through the nursery and garden shop the very next day, I noticed the tags on the items said "Terrain"... hey, wait- could we really be standing in the very same shop I had read about just the day before??? Yep, we were!!! Obviously, it was meant to be!

Daughter and I leave for Quilt Market tomorrow morning- I will try to post lots of updates and pretty photos on my Facebook page and Twitter.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Pinterest Pick: Washi-What?

Daughter Samantha is back for another Guest Blogger post. Today, she talks about her new favorite crafting find.

I know I may be a little bit behind the ball on this, but I just discovered washi tape (I feel the need to write that in extra large purple letters, because I need to give you an idea of how wonderful it is) and I am in love...

For those of you who don't know, washi tape is considered Japanese masking tape-- but much much prettier.  It is slightly transparent and comes in all different colors, patterns, and widths to use for ANY project you are working on.

I sense your skepticism.  ANY? you ask.  Yes, ANY.  Let me demonstrate with my favorite pins of this week, featuring washi tape...

This is the most basic use for washi tape.  Beautiful, beautiful wrapping paper.  With the different patterns, and colors, the possibilities are literally endless!  You could do a sparse pretty plaid, like this one, or even completely cover the package with stripes of tape!

You could also try to cover bottles or vases with washi tape...

I love both of these styles.  The tape dresses up a simple container so easily!  I've also seen washi tape covering the lids of mason jars, making a pretty patchwork pattern.

I tried this myself--

I think they came out really cute!

My personal favorite is using the tape for stationary.

I cut out some looseleaf paper and taped it together using the tape to make notepads--

You can also make a watermark and personalize a notepad as a gift!
Last, I tried something I had not seen washi tape being used for before... my nails!

I cut the tape into thin strips, added it on top of my base color, and covered it with a top coat! I love the little bit of pattern that the washi tape adds, and it was sooooooo easy!

You can get washi tape online on Etsy at PrettyTape or on Cute Tape, a website totally devoted to washi tape!   You could also get it at a Japanese dollar store if you are lucky enough to be near one.  You can also "cheat" if you are too impatient to wait for yours to come in the mail and purchase "highlighter tape" at A. C. Moore.  It comes in pretty colors, but no patterns, unfortunately.

So, go wild! Go get some washi tape and show us what you come up with!  And remember to follow The Noble Wife on Pinterest!

Happy pinning, and happy weekend!


PS- This is our last post before Spring Quilt Market!  If you're going to be there be sure to look for us hanging around the Henry Glass booth! If not, follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram (thenoblewife)!  Lots of cuteness to come!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy...

OK, I don't know how this happened.... but I am now the parent of a COLLEGE  GRADUATE!!!
Congratulations, Samantha. We went to her graduation last Friday. The weather started out stormy, but ended up sunny and beautiful by the afternoon ceremony. We are quite proud, as you can imagine.

There was a very nice luncheon, also. Lots of food. Of course, yours truly only photographed the desserts. But you know me pretty well by now, so that shouldn't come as a surprise.

I remember very well the day that we dropped her off for college- I cried and cried on the way home. I was a wreck. And the first few weeks were torture for me... Standing in the chapel for her Baccalaureate service last week, I remembered that little break down of mine... and couldn't believe that she was now graduating. It's amazing how quickly those 4 years flew by...

It is exactly one week till I leave for Quilt Market, and just one month until Daughter's (you know, the COLLEGE GRADUATE's) wedding.... so as you can imagine, things are a bit crazy around here. I don't know how much I will be posting here on the blog over the next month or so (even after the wedding, I plan on taking some time off- we'll see what happens... There will most likely be another little breakdown... and I know you don't want to be a spectator for that) I do have a lot of fun stuff lined up for my Facebook page and Twitter posts, though- recipes, fun crafts, decorating projects, social media tips, random inspiration..... So even if I'm not here at the Blog very much, we can still keep in touch, OK?

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Believe it or not- I actually got a newsletter together! Don't ask me how, 'cause I don't know... but somehow I did. It will be sent out at the end of this week/beginning of next. If you are not signed up yet, you can subscribe at the top of the right side bar here on my blog. A little sneak peek:

A project that I am SUPER INCREDIBLY EXCITED ABOUT (I guess the caps say it all.)

New Products (and details about free shipping....)

One of my favorite recipes

This issue has 2 Free Embroidery Patterns

I have to get back to work now- yikes! One week till Quilt Market....

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