Friday, May 4, 2012

Pinterest Pick: In Your Dreams!

Today, another post by Guest Blogger (and daughter extraordinaire), Samantha.

I have many different boards or categories on Pinterest, but there is one real distinction between my "pins" (photos).  There are the realistic pins of things I want or want to do...things that I might actually get to some day.... and then there are things like this:

A flower chandelier? Are you joking?  OF COURSE I want this.  Will I ever ever make it? OF COURSE NOT.  But, it's fun to dream all the same.  I can't help but smiling when I think of myself climbing to change the water for each little test tube flower everyday... alright, that doesn't make me smile as much as cringe, but I smile when I think of seeing that in my home every day.

Or how about this?

Teacup lights.  It's really cute, but I don't know that I would ever actually make it. What I really need is a Fairy CraftMother to make all of these things for me!  And besides, I don't think I could part with such beautiful teacups to hang them from the ceiling (then again- it would be a great excuse for a trip to the flea market.)  Speaking of ceilings...

Wallpaper on the ceiling! Who comes up with this stuff?  Who thinks that ANYONE in their right mind would try to wallpaper a ceiling?  I have witnessed people trying to put up wallpaper vertically on walls, and it did not look fun. (These people were my parents.  It was a very stressful time in our house).  I have no idea how you would even attempt it horizontally and UPSIDE DOWN. Again, a Fairy CraftMother or other professional would come in handy.

But, who doesn't love to dream?  I pin these things because maybe when I am a billionaire, I can pay to have someone to change the water in my test tube chandelier and wallpaper my ceiling.  But until then, back to Pinterest I go... for more "eye candy" and dreaming.....

What are your dream pins?  Include a link to one of your favorite pins in the comments below!  And remember to follow The Noble Wife on Pinterest!

Happy pinning, and happy weekend!


PS Also don't forget to stop by the Henry Glass Fabrics Blog for your chance to win a copy of my mom's book.


  1. I do the same thing:) Here's one of my favorites:

  2. Here is an "adventure" that I know I'll never ever ever do!

  3. Great post! Your daughter should think about creating her own company!



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