Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Amazing Applique

These are some incredible examples of applique that we saw at the quilt show.This is called "My Enchanted Garden" by Gretchen Gibbons and Lisa Calle.

This poppy quilt won a blue ribbon for best hand-work. It is easy to see why!
I like the texture that hand dyed fabric adds to this design.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Quilt Show Goodies

Some little goodies that we splurged on at the quilt show. Wool in wonderful colors, available from Attic Heirlooms.
We got this pattern by Liberty Star. Daughter was kind enough to make it for me- isn't it cute?

I said I wasn't going to get any fabric because I don't need it.... but it beckoned me... sigh.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Yippee! A Quilt Show!

We have been working really hard lately, getting ready for Quilt Market. Last weekend, though, daughter and I managed to find a little time to "runaway" and go to a quilt show.... It was so nice to be able to shop and look at the exhibits without having to work at a booth!

We saw lots of beautiful quilts and I'll post photos here over the next week.
These 2 quilts are really different from what I'm usually drawn to, I usually like something more traditional, but who could not notice and admire these colors?

Designed by Kim McLean, this pattern and fabric is available from Glorious Color. Don't you love how she fussy-cut the flowers in the fabric?

I wish I knew who designed this one... it reminds me of a kaleidescope... again, the colors are gorgeous. I wish I had the courage to use this kind of color! Oh well, maybe someday (when I'm off my medication maybe??? HA HA just joking. I'd never go off of my medication- no one would like that....)

Disclaimer- I'm not on any medication. And, of course, absolutely NO OFFENSE to anyone who is. Just funnin' with ya!

So there will be more quilt photos next week. I'm so glad I got my new little camera for my birthday last month- now I can always be prepared.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Reason I have Been Missing From The Blog-iverse

Yes, I know I have been (in)conspicuously absent from blog world. No, I have not disappeared. But I have been up to my neck in shipping boxes, bubble wrap, and tape, trying to get ready for Fall Quilt Market in Houston, which is rapidly approaching. Everything shipped this morning, so we can reclaim the family room (for now.) Please say a little prayer for me that everything gets there in one piece and on time!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Sentimental Treasures

At the flea market we also found a pile of old pre-printed embroidery linens. I think they are from the 1940's? I found table runners and placemats and full table cloths that had never been stitched. Walked away with a whole pile for $15.00! Yes, it was a very good day!

We even got the printed instructions for some....For the most part, they are in good condition. A little yellow, a couple of spots here and there. Can anyone give me any suggestions for how to care for them? I don't know if I should wash them- or will that wash out the ink?

I think one of the reasons I am drawn to them is because they remind me of the embroidery that my grandmother used to do. When she and my grandfather were "courting" during WWII, she would sit at night working on her embroidery, while waiting for her "little sailor" to come visit. I have some of her embroidery from those days so long ago, I will show them off here sometime.

So that is the end of my flea market treasures (until next time......)

Thursday, September 10, 2009

We Like This Suitcase.... a lot

When we saw this suitcase at the flea market, it was sitting open, full to the top with old music sheets.....
What caught my eye was the "Choir Herald," dated 1915, on top of the pile. In addition to old books and hymnals, I also collect old sheet music. And since I am in the midst of working on music for our church Christmas program, I thought the choir piece might be fun to add to my collection. Maybe I could get a jump on the Easter program????
Daughter and I picked up the Choir Herald, and 3 or 4 more pieces of music that looked interesting, and we looked for the person running that booth. We looked, and waited, and looked again, but still, no one there. So I took the pieces that we had chosen and replaced them in the middle of the pile, hoping no one else would find them before we came back.

We walked around some more, and then returned to the booth. Still didn't see anyone working there. Finally, someone else shopping in the booth called over the guy working in the next booth- turns out, both booths were his and he was very busy. When I finally got a chance to speak with him, I asked him how much the music was. Usually I pay a couple of dollars for each sheet. He looked at the suitcase and said, "Just close it up and take it for $15.00" Excuse me, you want me to take the suitcase and all of the music inside for just $15.00?? Well, OK then.....
So we were pretty happy with that purchase. It was really fun to go through the case when we got it home. I may frame some of the pieces, because they are so interesting.
It was definitely a good day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flea Market Treasures

We have a great flea market just 3 miles from our house- and we didn't get there at all this summer until last week. (By the way- does anyone know why they are called flea markets? Because I've never seen fleas for sale, unless maybe they are stowaways in an infested/ratty looking piece of upholstered furniture that is for sale?.....)

I am so, so glad we went on that particular day- we found some real gems. A few of the treasures we picked up:
Mirror for $5- haven't decided if it will go in the beach house, or in the powder room at home (which has been without an adequate mirror for the almost 9 years since we moved in.)A pretty yellow-green platter, again only $5- this will be nice for serving snacks etc.
This apron is handmade. It is machine stitched, I am not sure how old it is- maybe it is fairly new but made with reproduction fabrics? Look at how the creator lined up all the stripes in her seams. And can you see the purple ric-rac? Hello- we're in love! Not bad for $2, eh??

I have been collecting old books for a while- I don't think any of them are worth anything, but I like the worn covers and yellowed pages and old typeset.... This "Manual of Phonography" was published in 1893- I was attracted to the pages full of unusual symbols....
A nice little find for $2...
And finally....
This unassuming suitcase was definitely one of our 2 favorite finds of the day- I will tell and show you why in my next post.....

Friday, September 4, 2009

Do Something Good....

I have just found this website and I think it's a great idea. School is back in session, but there are many classrooms that have inadequate supplies and resources, which means that kids can't possibly reach their full potential. Through this site, you can make donations to specific needs in public schools. For example, I just made a donation for a classroom in Camden NJ (one of the poorest cities in our nation) to get a hands-on math program for a second grade classroom.

You can choose projects geographically (see what's needed in your own neighborhood), or you can search by subject that might interest you (art, math, etc.) Then you choose the amount that you want to donate, as little as $1.00. You will receive thank you notes from the teacher and kids. Most importantly, you will know that you have made a difference in the lives of children. And children are the future (yeah I know, it's a song- but who will be our doctors and nurses and public officials when the rest of us are old......we will be depending on today's youth- so we have a vested interest in them....) Donate $5, or $10, or $50,and see how great you'll feel, knowing that you have really done something good. It is a better endorphine than exercise, chocolate (I have tried both), or most anything else you can think of....

The organization has the highest rating from Charity Navigator and has many policies to ensure their integrity. Donors Choose will:

-Vet every classroom project request submitted by teachers.

-Process donor transactions using the most secure and trusted technology available.

-Purchase the classroom materials, shipping items directly to the school and alerting the principal when the materials are on their way.

-Provide photos of the project taking place, teacher and student letters, and a cost report showing how every dollar was spent.

Finally, you get to send a message to the classroom. Here is what I wrote:
"I gave to this project because I believe God created each one of you with special gifts, and I believe that with the proper tools, caring teachers, and belief in yourself, you can do and be everything He created you for."

OK, friends, this is easy..... it's time to do something good.....

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Scenes from a Flea Market

A slice of Americana..... photos from a recent trip to our local flea market...

Daughter is not running away from home, but she is very happy with her purchase.....
LUNCH!!!!! Worth every calorie!!!!!

And finally, nothing says "Security" like an 88 year old man on an ATV: this makes me smile :D


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