Friday, September 25, 2009

Yippee! A Quilt Show!

We have been working really hard lately, getting ready for Quilt Market. Last weekend, though, daughter and I managed to find a little time to "runaway" and go to a quilt show.... It was so nice to be able to shop and look at the exhibits without having to work at a booth!

We saw lots of beautiful quilts and I'll post photos here over the next week.
These 2 quilts are really different from what I'm usually drawn to, I usually like something more traditional, but who could not notice and admire these colors?

Designed by Kim McLean, this pattern and fabric is available from Glorious Color. Don't you love how she fussy-cut the flowers in the fabric?

I wish I knew who designed this one... it reminds me of a kaleidescope... again, the colors are gorgeous. I wish I had the courage to use this kind of color! Oh well, maybe someday (when I'm off my medication maybe??? HA HA just joking. I'd never go off of my medication- no one would like that....)

Disclaimer- I'm not on any medication. And, of course, absolutely NO OFFENSE to anyone who is. Just funnin' with ya!

So there will be more quilt photos next week. I'm so glad I got my new little camera for my birthday last month- now I can always be prepared.


  1. You are So funny!
    I love your disclaimer, what a hoot!

    BTW: The kaleidescope quilt IS amazing-I'm not a big color girl but this quilt would change that in me.

    Have fun this weekend,


  2. The quilt with the circles around the flowers seems to be a remake of a quilt from the Quilt Engagement Calendar titled Lollipop Trees. The original was made in 1855 and published in the calendar in 1975. Very nice.



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