Friday, September 4, 2009

Do Something Good....

I have just found this website and I think it's a great idea. School is back in session, but there are many classrooms that have inadequate supplies and resources, which means that kids can't possibly reach their full potential. Through this site, you can make donations to specific needs in public schools. For example, I just made a donation for a classroom in Camden NJ (one of the poorest cities in our nation) to get a hands-on math program for a second grade classroom.

You can choose projects geographically (see what's needed in your own neighborhood), or you can search by subject that might interest you (art, math, etc.) Then you choose the amount that you want to donate, as little as $1.00. You will receive thank you notes from the teacher and kids. Most importantly, you will know that you have made a difference in the lives of children. And children are the future (yeah I know, it's a song- but who will be our doctors and nurses and public officials when the rest of us are old......we will be depending on today's youth- so we have a vested interest in them....) Donate $5, or $10, or $50,and see how great you'll feel, knowing that you have really done something good. It is a better endorphine than exercise, chocolate (I have tried both), or most anything else you can think of....

The organization has the highest rating from Charity Navigator and has many policies to ensure their integrity. Donors Choose will:

-Vet every classroom project request submitted by teachers.

-Process donor transactions using the most secure and trusted technology available.

-Purchase the classroom materials, shipping items directly to the school and alerting the principal when the materials are on their way.

-Provide photos of the project taking place, teacher and student letters, and a cost report showing how every dollar was spent.

Finally, you get to send a message to the classroom. Here is what I wrote:
"I gave to this project because I believe God created each one of you with special gifts, and I believe that with the proper tools, caring teachers, and belief in yourself, you can do and be everything He created you for."

OK, friends, this is easy..... it's time to do something good.....

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