Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Flea Market Treasures

We have a great flea market just 3 miles from our house- and we didn't get there at all this summer until last week. (By the way- does anyone know why they are called flea markets? Because I've never seen fleas for sale, unless maybe they are stowaways in an infested/ratty looking piece of upholstered furniture that is for sale?.....)

I am so, so glad we went on that particular day- we found some real gems. A few of the treasures we picked up:
Mirror for $5- haven't decided if it will go in the beach house, or in the powder room at home (which has been without an adequate mirror for the almost 9 years since we moved in.)A pretty yellow-green platter, again only $5- this will be nice for serving snacks etc.
This apron is handmade. It is machine stitched, I am not sure how old it is- maybe it is fairly new but made with reproduction fabrics? Look at how the creator lined up all the stripes in her seams. And can you see the purple ric-rac? Hello- we're in love! Not bad for $2, eh??

I have been collecting old books for a while- I don't think any of them are worth anything, but I like the worn covers and yellowed pages and old typeset.... This "Manual of Phonography" was published in 1893- I was attracted to the pages full of unusual symbols....
A nice little find for $2...
And finally....
This unassuming suitcase was definitely one of our 2 favorite finds of the day- I will tell and show you why in my next post.....


  1. Looks like you guys hit the jackpot! I love all your finds!

    Have a great week!


  2. Oh, I love all your sweet flea market finds. I just love flea markets. Enjoy!

  3. I adore that mirror. How did you manage to stay away from the 'flea' market all summer?
    I always wondered about the 'flea' thing, too. I'm sure there is a cute story to go with that one.....

  4. Oh, I love the apron and the mirror!

    Great finds!



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