Tuesday, May 15, 2012

A Lovely Lunch

A couple of weeks ago, daughter and I were out shopping. (Planning a wedding requires lots and lots of shopping- good thing I am up for the challenge!) There was a cafe that she had been wanting to try, connected to a plant nursery. I had my doubts, but we walked through the nursery to the cafe.... It was so beautiful! A very pleasant surprise. And then we realized that it was connected to an absolutely gorgeous shop, full of plants, dishes, soaps, jewelry, gardening supplies and furniture..... heaven! We walked around the shop a bit and then headed back to the cafe for lunch.

We started with iced tea and a ginger lime spritzer served in Mason jars, and a loaf of "pot bread"- which, let me tell you- was delicious...

For lunch, we shared a cheese plate full of artisinal cheeses and spreads, and each had a Quinoa Salad with Beet Puree.

(This wooden disc platter is available for purchase in the adjoining shop.)

The decor is really lovely- you feel like you are sitting in the middle of an ancient forest somewhere, with rocks and ferns and moss.... The prices are a bit high, but for a special occasion, I highly recommend it. You can see a menu here. It is located in Glen Mills, PA, and a they have a brand new location in Westport, CT.

Some items from the adjoining shop, called Terrain:

Now, here is a funny story.... the day before we ended up here, I was reading in Country Living Magazine that Anthropologie had a garden store in Glen Mills, PA. I asked my husband how far that was from us- not too far he said. I was so excited- because I love Anthropologie. The name of the garden shop was Terrain. As Daughter and I walked through the nursery and garden shop the very next day, I noticed the tags on the items said "Terrain"... hey, wait- could we really be standing in the very same shop I had read about just the day before??? Yep, we were!!! Obviously, it was meant to be!

Daughter and I leave for Quilt Market tomorrow morning- I will try to post lots of updates and pretty photos on my Facebook page and Twitter.


  1. That looks like a wonderful place to eat and the bread reminds me of a popover.

    Have fun at market and can't wait to see photos.


  2. It was definitely meant to be that you ended up at that shop. I hope you bought something for yourself. That restaurant looks like a great place to have lunch.

  3. Sounds like a great place to have lunch! Will have to check it out!



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