Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Trash to Treasure

This is the cutting table in my studio that I painted a year or so ago. I didn't start out with a plan for it to be so detailed, but one thing led to another.... and here it is. I love the way it turned out. Actually, it's kind of a shame that usually there is so much stuff piled on it that you can't see much of the design....It was just a garage sale find, in pretty bad shape when we first got it. We removed the old tile top, and some sanding and painting and matte sealer has helped turn it into one of my very favorite pieces.
What is your favorite "trash to treasure" project?


  1. Oh I love what you did to that! It is beautiful and I love the scripture.
    I did a light in my dining room-I countrified it (is that really a word?) You can see it by going on my blog and looking to the right under Restorations. That was really fun to do with a little help from the hubby.

  2. I just love the fruit of the spirit basket! Looks like a fun table to get the creative juices flowing! :)

    Does a house count as a trash to treasure...well, trash to livable?
    Every home we've owned (4 now), we've had to do some remodeling here and there. The one we are in now really needed lots of love!

  3. You have a very special talent. Beautiful job!

  4. I love it Jacquelynne! Your work is so colorful, cheerful, and whimsical! It always makes me smile!

  5. I love the work table you did!! You're right that it is a shame to cover up such lovely drawings and inspirational words. But sometimes just knowing it's there is inpsiring, too! I am plotting on how to take an old baby basinette from trash to treasure. There's this wonderful basket that can be removed from the base and I am thinking I will take it and use it near my front porch and put flowers in it. I thought the antiques dealer might be interested in buying it but she said they require just the "Right buyer". So, I don't want to throw it away but I need to have it be something besides an item that I move from place to place in the basement!!



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