Friday, March 5, 2010

So It's Not a Baby Hedgehog....

It is still C-U-T-E!!
(I don't know if they are stinkers yet at this tender age- my guess is that if they're anything like human babies, they become stinkers as teenagers.)
(Original photo found here.)

Original photo and cute story here.

And a HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HUBBY TODAY! (I won't tell you how old he is, but you can sneak over to his blog to find out.)


  1. Thank you for the birthday wishes my dear - are you posting the skunk on my birthday because I smell that way sometimes?!?!?

    Actually, as I left the house this morning there was a skunk in our yard - he walked across our driveway and into the field - I was sure glad Daisy didn't find him when she went out this morning!!!

  2. Precious! I bet you're right about the "teenage stinker" thing!!! lol Happy Birthday to your Hubby!

  3. Hi Jacq. I actually am very fond of animals...even the skunk! Aren't they adorable? Black & White happens to be my favorite colors, everything I wear is Blk & Wht...I can't get out of the rut!

    I often say: "I would pick up a skunk and cuddle it if I weren't afraid he'd spray me!"

    ~Café Love So Much

  4. Another beauty! Baby animals are just sooo cute.

  5. That first photo of that tiny skunk is ADORABLE! Thanks for sharing made me smile :)

  6. My dear friend was moaning about the skunk under his house, just yesterday! And I told him, " But they're cute and furry and eat bugs!"

    He just couldn't see past the stink!

  7. Yes, I agree with the teenage thing -Boy do I!

    Happy belated Birthday to your hubby... I had no idea he had a blog (did you tell me this before and I spaced it?) Love his photography!


  8. Awww...they are cute when they are little, huh? Hi, I'm Meme from Screaming Meme...It is so nice to meet you! Stop by Screaming Meme and look at the slipcover I made from painter's drop cloths...I look forward to getting to know you...Hope to see you soon! Meme

  9. SOOOOO Cute!!! How can something so little and cute turn out to be so stinky?



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