Monday, September 27, 2010

In the Studio Today...

I just finished a project using my fabric line Sewing Room Social. The more I play and work with my fabric, the more I love it.... You know how sometimes a project doesn't come out as great as you'd hoped, and other times it exceeds your expectations... I love love love the way this project came out and I can't wait to show it to you! Soon, soon- I have to finish the quilt that goes with it and write up the pattern and then it will be available.
 And the other day I got these in the mail from The Gentle Art, their latest colors in overdyed cotton and wool threads. It is always a fun day when I find something in the mailbox from them....
Colors like Fisherman's Wharf, Acorn, Tiger Lily, Lemon Drops and Silver Fern. They will join their friends on my special wall, on their way to becoming part of a beautiful project:
Today it is raining, but I don't mind so much. Daughter had off from school today, so that means I don't have to go anywhere, I just get to play uninterrupted in the studio. That's a good day...


  1. It must be so cool to design fabric...and then work with it!

    Becky K.

  2. Can't wait to see what you made with your fabric line!
    Love the wool threads and the way you have them all organized-I love craft things being organized and looking like art in themselves!


  3. Uau what a lovely day... Rain and fabrics!
    I can't wait to see what you are creating...:)

  4. When musicians make music they call it playing. I think when artists make art they should call it "playing art"

  5. Ha- good point, Judy. I do love to play! But sometimes, when I'm trying to design something and I'm having a hard time working it out, it does feel like work! But all in all, I'm very very happy to play/work at what I do....



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