Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cute Baby Animals & "Poodles" that aren't what they seem.....

This is a "cheater" post, folks. That's right- just a bunch of cute and/or strange photos shamelessly parading as actual content for a blog post.

First, just to get the ball rolling, baby porcupines:

(everyone all together: awwwwwwe!!!)

Next, a dwarf miniature pony. That's right, as if miniature ponies weren't cute enough, Koda also happened to be born as a dwarf:

Finally, this story was recently in the news: a man in Argentina was duped into paying $150 each for what he thought were poodles, but were actually ferrets pumped up on steroids and groomed to look like poodles (or not- you decide.)

Have a happy week :)

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  1. Those porcupines are cute and ugly, lol.
    Fun photos of things out on the web, I never have time to see them, so I enjoy the ones that others find.


    1. The saying, "So ugly that they're cute" comes to mind....

  2. Adorable!!! I thought the porcupines were hedgehogs at first glance...too cute!! The pony is sooooooooo sweet. But the ferret....I can't believe it!!! lol My grandson has a ferret; but I cannot see it looking like that one....lol

    1. I honestly don't think I could ever mistake a ferret for a poodle, no matter what you did to it :)

  3. These photos definitely make one smile - thank you for that.

  4. Other than being white how can you not tell the difference between a poodle and ferret. ;o)
    The porcupines are so cute and tiny. And that pony OH MY is adorable. It's not much bigger than the cat. I've never seen one that small.



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