Sunday, February 17, 2008


Today in church we had a dedication for a family adopting 6 children under the age of about 7, including a set of twins. The kids looked so happy to be with their new family. I am in awe of how much courage these people have- I mean, adopting 6 kids at once? Wow! And then it kind of makes me feel like a slacker, like what have I done lately? I wonder what kind of adventures God has in store for me, if only I would take a leap of faith? I know there are some things He has been nudging me about, that I have been hesitant to act on. I am trying to draw courage and inspiration and faith from this incredible family.

Anyway, this video is by one of my favorite artists, Nichole Nordeman from her album Woven and Spun. It is a song about how the world tells us what a meaningful life is- big career, expensive lifestyle, fame (or nowadays, pseudofame or notoriety)- but that God has a really different idea about what a "big" life is. It makes me stop to think if what I am doing will have lasting impact. And it challenges my ideas of what lasting impact really means, because most of the time the smallest things have an impact that we can't see, that we may never see. We have to have faith that God will take it and make something beautiful, that He will create a ripple effect with it. Because that's how He works, anyway- not through people and events that are big and noisy, but in the quiet moments and "little" people that will probably never be recognized or acknowledged in this lifetime.

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