Friday, May 2, 2008

Puppy Love

This is a photo of a mixed media piece that I entered in a challenge (unfortunately, it didn't get chosen for publication. I got it back in the mail yesterday, with one of those form "Thank you, but" letters.....I hate those........) Anyway...I thought I'd post it here, 'cause I think it's cute! The name of my piece is "Puppy Love," and I chose to put my dog Daisy amongst the daisies. Clever & quite original, huh??? Have I mentioned that I love my dog (well, not LOVE, but you get the point.)

You had to pick one image and use it three different ways in the piece. This is a photo of a daisy from my garden last year. As you can see, I used it in different sizes and also flipped it. I think my favorite panel is the third one, with Daisy dressed up in a bumble bee costume (she doesn't really have a bumble bee costume, and frankly, she'd never stand for it, so I made one out of paper!) I handpainted in the stems and leaves and some hearts with acrylic paint, and added some collage elements with printed tissue paper, old book pages, and metal charms. Also, some crackle medium and colored chalk thrown in.

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