Friday, October 23, 2009

Look What I Did!

When I arrived home from Quilt Market last week, this was waiting for me in the mailbox... Daughter and I went to a quilt show about a month ago, and I saw a wool quilt by Maggie Bonanami that I thought would be great in my family room. It was available as a Block of the Month. Now, don't ask me WHAT IN THE WORLD possessed me to think that I'd have time to work on someone's else's design, you know, for my own enjoyment, in addition to developing my own designs. But I did sign up for it. I spent most of the weekend working on it, and tah-dah!!! I actually got Block #1 done! Yay!
I know this doesn't look like "my style"- when I design, my projects are much brighter and cottage-y in style. But my house is decorated in a style I would describe as country colonial with a little primitive thrown in. Go figure... I think I just like a lot of different kinds of styles and I'm just looking for an excuse to get them all into my life somehow!
Tonight we are going to the basketball game at daughter's college- she is on the Homecoming court as Sophomore class princess! I got her a lovely new black dress, I will post photos next week. Have a wonderful weekend.


  1. It is a very cute pattern. Congrats on taking the time to do something unusual for you.


  2. Your block looks great! I am like you, though, I like the brighter colors. But we all have to do something different sometimes. I know you are proud of your daughter and I know she will be beautiful out there in the Homecoming Court.

    Sorry I have not commented on your blog in a while. I do still read all my favorite blogs, I just have not been doing much commenting or posting. I have been crocheting like mad trying to get stuff ready for our Fall Festival on Nov. 7th in which a friend and I will have a booth. I have just been in a crocheting mood for a few months now and have not done anything with fabric.

    Have a very Blessed Day,

  3. What a beautiful job you did on your quilt!! Congratulations to your daughter on homecoming. How fun!
    I too have a home with a little bit of everything!! I keep trying to tame myself and go for one or two styles! (wink) But I just love it all!! So...maybe someday!

  4. What a cute pattern. And there is nothing wrong with doing something "just for fun". It stretches you :-)

  5. I love your new BOM, I have been tempted to join. I will enjoy watching your progress!

  6. It's lovely Jacquelinne!
    I'm not surprised that you have fell in love for this quilt. And why not tring to do some one elses pattern? You did this block very quickly and it is very beautiful.
    Have a nice weekend!:)

  7. Love it. It is nice to work from a patterna and just enjoy. No thinking and planning.

  8. Oh! . you're living my dream. I would love to make a wool applique quilt! . . . especially a design by someone else! So far - I always do stitcheries by others (usually Kathy Schmitz or Meg Hawkey) - & that actually feels so good to work on designs other than your own. Somehow it actually helps clear my mind & I love it! I love Maggie's design & I know it will be stunning when completed.
    xo, Bren



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