Friday, December 18, 2009

A Few Crafty Ideas....

On Wednesday, my older daughter called me from WalMart. She was shopping, and she wanted to know what I wanted for Christmas. I told her that I'd gotten my catheter removed that day, and that's all I really wanted! Then she said, Oh Darn, I was going to find you a really cute knit cover for it. So then we thought, maybe we should design a whole line of covers, you know, in all different colors and styles for every outfit and occasion. We would market it as the "Catheter Cozy"...... I don't know, do you think the world is ready for that?!? Ha ha!!! (That was my last catheter comment- PROMISE!!!!!!)

Anyway, here are some actual crafty ideas for you. I recently did a talk at a MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) meeting, and the theme was inexpensive gift giving ideas. Here are some of the super easy projects I had for the ladies......
This one is really my favorite, and you might already have everything you need.

Get an inexpensive unpainted frame- these were only a dollar each at Michael's and IKEA. Paint them a contemporary color, like black, dark charcoal, dark brown, or shabby chic white (very Pottery Barn-esque.) Layer scrapbook papers on the cardboard insert that comes with the frame. Glue down with a glue stick or double sided tape. Add embellishments like ribbon or buttons. Glue on photo. The great thing about this that you don't have to crop your photo to a specific predetermined size to match a ready-made frame - the photo can be any size or dimension.

Baked goods always make a nice gift. Put them in containers you have decorated yourself.
For this, I just got a plain cake box at the craft store or party store (I think it was only $1.49.), or some plain undecorated take out boxes. Cut out simple designs/shapes from scrapbook paper and glue on. Add ribbon and voila! Who wouldn't want some delicious homemade goodies in one of these cute boxes.

I am going to try to do a little baking today.  Only a week till Christmas!!!! Have a great weekend.                        


  1. I love your idea of the catheter cover...What a neat idea...I love your sense of humor of taking something that is not so pleasant to making it humorous..I LOVE all your crafty ideas to..I'm praying for you and the results coming up...Hope your daughter has made it home safe...Lisa

  2. I laughed at your catheter cover idea at first...But my daughter works at a medical supply company and so many people are attached to a catheter for long periods of time. Something pretty would be nice to cover the ugliness.

    Hey...Loooooooove the crafts you put on here today! Looks like you and the girls are already having fun.

    BTW: you know what's going to be posted on my blog today-I told you already cutie~! :)

    Have a Merry weekend, break a leg on your solo!




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