Sunday, December 20, 2009

Oh, the weather outside is frightful.....

Of course, this is not news to any of you living in the northeast- indeed, I am sure you all have your own snow stories to tell. 18" of snow here (and it's not even officially winter until tomorrow!) Our church even cancelled services today (as most churches did), so the pageant that we were supposed to do today is pushed off till next week. We were supposed to have a big family dinner here today, but we cancelled it, since no one would be able to get up our driveway anyway!

This is the biggest snow in December in our area in recorded history! The next biggest snowfall happened on December 25 and 26 in 1909!  It was fun to stay inside yesterday during the blizzard and just hang out and watch movies. But today it was time to "pay the piper" and the dig out began. Our neighbor is here as I type, plowing our rather long driveway with his tractor. But it took a couple of hours for us to just dig from the back door to the drive way, and then to dig out the cars. We had drifts that were waist high on my 5"11" husband.

Since we are assuming that school will be closed tomorrow, the girls and I will be "snowed in" for the 3rd day in a row (which is really OK with me.....) Poor hubby has to get out to work, though. I actually talked my husband into giving the girls their big Christmas gift today (and explained to them that there won't be a lot of presents Christmas morning). We got them a wii, and they are already having fun playing with it. Perfect day for it.

For those of you also digging out, stay warm!


  1. What beautiful pictures of the handwork of God. Have a great day enjoying what matters the most!

  2. I am sure your family will enjoy the wii.

    We are enjoying the snow...maybe me more than the rest. I haven't been out in it yet. It is so very pretty.

    I got a chuckle out of your dog as it reminded me of our Chloe earlier. She went her usual route out the driveway and then into the yard...where she got completely stuck and had to be "rescued" by my husband. She came in totally humiliated and wet. Poor thing.

    Becky K.

  3. Lovely pics. We have some snow - but not as much as you! My dogs love it, too. Now you can make snow angels, always fun.

  4. I want to live where you live!!! What a wonderful place you have... I do love snow and miss living where it snows in the winter.(It's a hit and miss thing here in Seattle) I know it can be a hassle at times but it sure makes it feel more like Christmas when it snows.

    I adore all your photos Jackie♥

  5. These are beautiful photos! It is so pretty....until it starts to melt! :)



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