Sunday, April 18, 2010

Odds & Ends

I found just a couple of fellow "color geeks", as my husband calls it...

Here are a few sites which will make a palette from your own photos:
Big Huge Labs
Color Hunter
I did try it out, and the results are cool, but for me, that takes the fun out of it, I like finding my own colors....

Today I am catching up on some work, I popped The Princess Bride into the DVD player for company... "As you wish",  "You were mostly dead all day",  "Mawage is what bwings us togetha today... wuv, twue wuv....", "Hello, my name is Inigo Montoya, you kill my father, prepare to die."

Yesterday we had a yard sale at our church and made $700 to send down to the Dominican Republic, where my husband recently went on a missions trip. You can find information here. The money will go to a very poor church, to help the people there. Just look at the little faces....

For the next couple of weeks I will be busy getting ready for Spring Quilt Market in Minneapolis. There is a lot to do..... somehow, someway it will get done..... Sewing, pattern writing, a booth to plan and decorate, catalogs to assemble, boxes to pack and ship... Still have to make flight reservations (thank goodness we don't live near Iceland!!)


  1. First off I don't know how you got any work done with The Princess Bride on, one of my favorites. Love the quotes. Second great on the yard sale what a wonderful cause, keep up the good work and last good luck getting ready for market.

  2. Precious pics!
    My teenagers went on a mission trip to the Dominican several years ago. The kids stole their hearts. :)

  3. I have recently discovered the fun to be had with Big Huge Labs mosaic maker. It can eat up some serious time looking for cool photos to make mosaics of things I love. I call it "eye candy!"

    I might have to try out the color palette maker next.



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