Friday, October 29, 2010

Sample Spree Night & More New Patterns

Tonight is Sample Spree- a truly crazy and insane time of shopping! I don't think anyone has ever been trampled, but, you know, it looks like one of those commercials or movies with the stampede of anxious and frenzied shoppers storming the front doors of the store on Black Friday- I kid you not. I will have a table to "peddle my wares" for the first time tonight. I am excited and anxious. I hope I brought the right stuff in the right amounts (don't want to run out, but don't want to pack it all up and ship it back home either.)

Here are a couple more of my new pattern releases:
I love the colors in this- definitely not boring! They are almost like "wild Amish" colors, don't you think?? You may recognize it from a sneak peek post I did a couple of weeks ago. It's called Mad About You, because I thought the design looks maddening but it's really really easy. And, the pattern has 3 different options for making the blocks- you can do curved piecing, or hand applique or machine applique them and do no piecing at all.(And for those of you who don't like applique- you can do just the piecing- no applique involved). The flowers are dimensional and stitched on just in the center of the flower, so they seem to "pop" out from the quilt. Oh, and it features covered buttons- I just love covered buttons! I have been using them quite a bit lately. It is available on the website here.

And speaking of covered buttons, this pattern has them too. It is called the Sew Cute Tote and Flower Pin. It has directions for 3 different totes, plus a flower pin that you can decorate the tote with or pin to your favorite jacket. Available here.
 (Thank goodness I have daughters to model for me!)
(And of course you know by now that all of the projects were made from my Sewing Room Social fabric line.)

Happy Friday everyone. Oh and have a fun Halloween- since I will still be at Market on Sunday the 31st, you'll have to save some candy for me.
P.S. I like Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

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  1. Your work is so fun and wonderful! You inspire me to greatness!



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