Wednesday, October 27, 2010

To Market We Go

Flight 8 a.m. tomorrow to Houston. Leaving house at 5:30 a.m. Suitcases are very heavy- full of quilts and catalogs and patterns that weren't ready yet when I shipped the rest of my stuff last week. My wardrobe will be very limited because there is literally no room for clothes in my suitcase! For those of you going, you will probably see me in the same clothes a few days in a row...

I will be releasing 6 new patterns which I designed for my Sewing Room Social fabric line. It has taken some doing to get them all done, but somehow, they got done. I had several more ideas, but there wasn't enough time for them, too, and they are still sitting in my sketchpad. Oh well, I am pretty happy with I did manage to complete. Here is one of the quilt patterns I finished:
It is called Peace and Plenty, and it has a matching pillow pattern- I love the long, narrow bolster-type pillow, I think they are so interesting. I think this is really pretty- the blue scallops on the edges are not sewn down, they are "dimensional", which adds some extra interest (I did have to tack them down for hanging, but if this is going on a bed, the scallops are just fine being "floppy" the way they are...). I am thinking of redecorating my bedroom to showcase it.  I love traditional quilt patterns and applique motifs, this is my interpretation done with modern colors. It is on my website here. And didn't my machine quilter, Tammy, do a great job echo-ing the applique at the top of the quilt! Also, thanks to Alison who did a lot of my piecing and quilting for me this time around- I couldn't have gotten everything done without her! She was truly a God-send.

I will have more patterns posted here while I am away, and of course when I come back there will be tons of photo from the show. Have a really great week.


  1. go girl!! Who cares about clothes, gotta take the quilts and fabric. I'm excited for you!! Have a great time....your patterns are gorgeous, love em!

  2. I hope it is going well dear friend!
    Love the quits and the pillow!

    P.S. RELAX and have FUN!!!!

  3. Congrats Jackie!! So happy for you. I know that you have worked oh so hard and it is finally paying off!! Thank you too, for the kind words. It was a privilege, a pleasure and an honor to do the quilting for your "Peace and Plenty" quilt. Continued blessings to you!! Can't wait to be able to by some of your fabric lines.
    Tamme DeLoskey
    Sugar Grove Creations



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