Friday, November 5, 2010

Market Aftermath

Today I spent the day being a housewife- and it was wonderful! I am a domestic diva- it took me 3 hours to clean the family and dining room- just an indication of how long it's been since I cleaned. I did a few loads of laundry, and even made a homemade dinner of creamy pumpkin soup and grilled ham, cheddar, and pear sandwiches. I haven't cooked in quite a while either, and I had fun.

Before I left for Market, I mentioned (only half jokingly) to youngest daughter that I wouldn't mind having a pumpkin layer cake with goat cheese frosting that I saw on Martha Stewart waiting for me when I got home. Sweetheart that she is..... there it was. And it was yummy. Recipe can be found here, and also in the November issue of the magazine.
I also returned to this:
That is over 20 bolts of fabric and 30 yards of batting. I have no idea where I am going to put them. Hubby needs to start building the addition onto the house this weekend.

 Also, I started to worry just a little because the boxes that I shipped from the convention center, containing my entire booth, had not arrived yet. I called the company, the lady said that she didn't have a tracking number, but she was sure they were on the way. The good news is that they arrived this afternoon. The bad news, is that they looked like this:

The boxes were from FedEx but they were delivered by UPS. Generally, UPS has not been kind to my boxes. Clearly, this time was no exception.

Something which did arrive safely (because I put them in my suitcase- I wasn't taking any chances) was these fat quarters which I picked up at Sample Spree.
 The ones in the front (blue and green, Celia by Benartex) are for the lady who helped me get ready for market by doing so much of my piecing and quilting. The rest are for me! (and I said I wasn't going to buy any, but you know how that goes....) I am going to use them for a quilt I am making for my book with Kansas City Star. The ones in the back are Lovely by Moda,  the ones on the left are Wing It by Moda, and the ones on the right are Le Jardin Papillons by Clothworks.

Have a great weekend, enjoy whatever it is you decide to do. And of course, enjoy your extra hour of sleep on Saturday night when we turn the clocks back (I know I will....)


  1. You can't ship UPS in Fed EX boxes (that's war!) LOL!!!!
    Ohhhh It's like fabric heaven at your place~!

    Hope you actually get some time to rest and relax because CHRISTMAS IS COMING!!!!

    Me ;)

  2. Well hello! It was so nice to meet you at Market. I meet the best people there. I am so glad to be home and tired, too. But much to let's keep going! See you in BlogLand

  3. Well, you know, those boxes looked awefully suspicious. You never can tell, there might have been a bomber in one! (just joking)



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