Tuesday, November 16, 2010

This & That

I have just a few more photos from Quilt Market to share.
Me and Lynette Anderson.
More Australian designers, the girls from Melly and Me.
One of the really fun things about Market is Sample Spree, where things can get a little crowded:
My friend Marie, a quilt shop owner, came to Market to help me with my booth. Here she is at our table as we set up for Sample Spree. I made a lot of wool pins to sell, and also sold patterns.
Something kind of funny happened at Sample Spree. Marie put her hand on the back of a chair, and something sharp cut her hand. So then, because she couldn't see anything on the chair, she ran her other hand along it to find the problem, and you can guess what happened.
So then she went to the first aid station to get some bandages. And she was gone a long time, because they wanted to take her to the hospital, but of course she refused, and had to sign a waiver, yada yada yada. She  came back to the table, but then a few minutes later we see a couple of armed security guards walking towards us. Apparently, they had some forms and reports to fill out, too. They were right next to my table, and people were wondering what was going on. So I asked them, only half jokingly, to move away from my table while they "questioned" Marie. And she's standing there, with her hands out, not realizing that she looks like they are interrogating her for shoplifting.  Eventually everything got sorted out. And the guard told her to have a nice evening, and maybe find some nicer friends (because I asked her to step away from my table during the "interrogation,"... oh and then I suggested that maybe if she dropped to the floor and faked a seizure, it would draw more customers to my table...) It's always interesting...

Check out this website that I just found about - FreeQuiltPatterns.com. Full of hundreds of free quilt patterns for you to download. My pattern Pinwheel Patch is on the front page this week. Leave a comment: one winner will receive a collection of Moda Turnovers from Free Quilt Patterns, and another will win a bundle of Sewing Room Social fat quarters from me! Winners will be chosen on Thursday, so hurry on over!

I just added a bunch of new pins available for sale on my website.

Now I've been back for 2 weeks already (don't know where that time went). I am almost caught up. I managed to catch a bad cold and have spent the last 2 days on the couch, coughing, sneezing and wheezing.  I'm so glad we can use blogs to "visit" without spreading germs around. My friend Brenda from Acorn Quilts is sick too- I am coining a new term, Post-Market Immune Deficiency. Seems it leaves us terribly run-down! I was supposed to have my mom and dad over for dinner yesterday, but had to cancel so I wouldn't give them my malady before their trip to Florida tomorrow. Hope to get some work done tomorrow. I have a book to work on, among other things! Time to get a cup of tea.


  1. Hope you will get better soon. Love your free pattern. Thanks for sharing those pictures from the quiltmarket. It is so great to see a little bit of the fun!
    Great pin!
    Be blessed

  2. I'm telling you...Never a dull moment at the quilt show, especially at your booth!

    P.S. Get better fast!

  3. Oh how crazy Sample Spree is. . . & now with the security. . . a whole new level of. . . er. . . strange!
    . . . & I was also just thinking about the timing of my cold as well yesterday (between blowing my nose!) - right after Market - again! (At least I waited until I got home this time!) I think there is something to your PMID theory! Hope you're feeling much better.
    xo, Bren



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