Friday, July 22, 2011

Finding a Good Home for My Stash...

My studio is getting more and more cluttered. Is there such a thing as too much fabric? I am loathe to admit it, but I think the answer might be yes...
I have more than I can ever use. But most of the fabric in my stash is just so pretty I hate to get rid of it. I think I would feel better about the purge if I know that it's going to a good home.
I received an email yesterday from the International Association of Professional Quilters* with a list of organizations that take fabric donations. What a great idea. Here are a few of their ideas:

Project Linus is dedicated to making security blankets for babies, children and teens in need. Volunteers will turn your stash into quilts.

Haiti Peace Quilts. This organization establishes and supports independent women's quilting cooperatives. In addition to helping the women build a business, Haiti Peace Quilts markets one-of-kind art quilts in the United States. The cooperatives need donations of fabric and other quilting supplies.

Prayers and Squares. This interfaith outreach organization combines the gift of prayer with the gift of a hand-tied quilt. Individual chapters around the world need fabric, batting and other supplies.

And an additional charity that is a personal favorite of mine:
Quilts for Kids. This organization's mission statement: Transforming discontinued, unwanted and other fabrics into patchwork quilts that comfort children with life-threatening illnesses and children of abuse.

Yes, I think some of my fabric could definitely find a new home, it could be put to good use rather than sitting on my shelves. Time to clean out- I guess I know what I am doing this weekend!

*Morna McEver Golletz is the founder and CEO of the International Association of Professional Quilters, an association to help quilters, fiber artists and other creative arts entrepreneurs build business success. Her weekly e-zine offers tips, techniques and inspiration to help you craft business success from your creative arts passion. You can sign up for a F.R.E.E. subscription at


  1. Yay for you...that's just wonderful. I've sewn for Quilts for Kids and think I need to get another kit soon. I think I'll write after my kids return to school.

    Thanks for sharing these links!

  2. I've been making some quilt for the Joplin Quilt Project. The Lane ladies were accepting donations for quilt bundles. I also read there is an effort to make quilt kits for Japan. There are so many needs out there.

  3. I was going to mention Joplin too but I see someone else beat me to it. Wouldn't it be fun if we could get all the blogging quilters to donate one projects worth of fabric to joplin's guild.

    ps i got your pattern a couple days ago. Now if I can find one of those bias tape maker thingies.

  4. Sounds like a wonderful win-win!

  5. I made one quilt for Quilts for Kids and have some fabrics set aside to make more. I will get to them this fall. Things can't stay crazy around here forever. :-)



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