Friday, July 15, 2011

Lost and Found

Lost- First half of July, 2011. Inexplicably disappeared without a trace. If found, please return to 
Jacquelynne Steves. (Seriously.... where did it go???? Has anyone seen it??)

Found- One giveaway winner. Location: Lake Pulaski, Minnesota. Name: Mary. 
Hobbies: Quilting and Fabric Obsession (OK that's just an assumption- I figure Mary is probably just like the rest of us).

In the studio this week:
Daughter (who has a thing about making aprons- we have quite a collection now) made an apron with Union Jack theme- her own design. It came out very cute:

I have been working on some artwork:

I think I finally decided how I want to do the borders on my green quilt, with that great Pat Sloan fabric I showed you a couple of weeks ago:

Ahead- a blissfully unscheduled weekend- should I catch up on laundry? clean the bathrooms? take a trip to the farmer's market?? Probably should get in some work AND play (balance is so difficult for me- I am such an all-or-nothing person. Either I want to play all day and my house stays a wreck, or I work myself into the ground and my house looks great and I am a wreck!)
What are you doing this weekend?


  1. Congratulations to Mary. And if you find the lost part of July, I lost it too. My goodness, pretty soon it will be Christmas!

  2. Congratulations Mary, I think you are the luckiest person I know!!! And that cute apron? I love the UJ apron- very fun!

  3. Love the apron! I am looking for fun apron ideas for my mother-in-law. I like the skirt on this apron and the blues and reds together. Cute!

  4. Congratulations to Mary!!! As for the other first half of July...Well, I was hoping you had found mine because it is gone too, *sigh*. Where in the world does the time go??? Hugs...

  5. Read through a number of your posts today. Lovely!

  6. I lost the weekend too. Got the border put on the Mexican Star quilt and started working on The Joy Love,,,, panel. Besides time disapearing the Fons and Porter magazine with the pattern for my secret pal is missing, but the missing squares that I got from last years sec pal has re-appeared. Go figure...Hopefully the rest of our weekend will reappear sometime soon along with the darned magazine. And no of course I can't remember which issue the pattern was in.

  7. I'm catching up this weekend! Or at least that's what I'm telling myself because I am not sure one can ever get caught up! I lost the first two weeks of July and only wish I could get it back. Oh, well....The Union Jack apron is very clever!



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