Thursday, December 8, 2011

 Oldest daughter is a college senior this year. Every year her college picks 6 or 7 seniors to speak during their Chapel services throughout the year. At the beginning of this semester, daughter applied and was chosen! She thought she'd have until Spring Semester to prepare, but alas, the date given to her was December 5..... so I think she panicked a little and then buckled down and got it done.

Our family went to see her speak this past Monday and she did a phenomenal job!! She spoke for about 30 minutes and her subject was "Creativity" and how we should do everything that we are called to do, no matter what it is, with creativity and excellence. The college president went on and on about what a great job she did... We were so so proud... She really hit it out of the park! Here is the link to the video, choose December 5 Senior Speaker Samantha Steves. (You will need Quicktime Movie Player to view.)
Our family and Samantha's fiance, Jeff

If you are a follower on Facebook or Twitter, then you probably know that I had a little "hair mishap" last week..... My hair has been the same for quite a while, kind of a dark honey color, and I wanted something different, so I decided to go red. I picked out a nice auburn shade at the drugstore and did my hair at home. Whoaaa- my hair DID NOT look like the model on the box! It looked like Ronald McDonald! For about a minute, I thought about trying to fix it myself, then decided to go to the salon and have professional "color correction" done (that's a nice way of saying- "You screwed it up on your own, now we are going to charge you the equivalent of a mortgage payment to fix it for you.") The photo above shows my new shade- very dark brown with auburn. I am still not sure if I like it, maybe I just need to get used to it (it actually looks darker in real life than it looks in the photo.)

Stop by the Aurifil blog and meet the December Designer of the Month- Sharon Pederson. Sharon's palette is bright and vibrant and fun- I'm sure you will love it as much as I do....


  1. I would be willing to bet that you were a big inspiration for the topic of your daughter's speech. Congratulations to her for being chosen. Your hair looks beautiful. I had to give up coloring my hear myself a few years ago. Fortunately my hairdresser is also like a daughter to me so she gives me a break on the cost.

  2. Perfect topic for her to speak about, since in your posts, you have mentioned that your kiddos help with web design and more! Bet your buttons were about to pop right off, you were so proud! Congratulations! By the way, you rock that hair color - really cute! I cut and color mine, cos I don't have the time or the $ to go and get it done! LOL

  3. Sounds like your daughter takes after you! Your hair looks great, really. It warms you up.

  4. I like the hair color too...not that you looked old before but this color really makes you look younger still!

  5. Congratulations to your daughter for a job well-done! I have just kept my hair mousy brown my whole life...guess I'm lucky that I'm a senior and haven't gone gray enough to worry about that yet, either!



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