Monday, February 27, 2012

The Art of Procrastination.....

Saturday I didn't have to BE anywhere, and had no deadlines looming, so what did I do with my valuable free time? Cruised the interwebs, of course.

So sorry I missed out on these for Valentine's Day:

Time to play with color. I created this palette at Kuler from a photo that I took last summer. It is really easy and fun (i.e. addictive...)

Perhaps dream about the places you'd like to visit someday.... Here is a site I can get lost in....

Cute animal photos, anyone? Try this.

OK I'm done. Time to get some work done.

P.S. The March newsletter will come out on Thursday- look for the sneak peek here on Wednesday. If you would like to sign up, there is a form at top right bar of this blog. It's gonna be a good one!


  1. It's sooo easy to get distracted and spend lots of time playing on the webz! I love the froggie best - LOL. Looking forward to the newsletter!

  2. It looks like you had fun exploring. I love the color pallet and the animals are just too cute.hehe the frog did me in :)

  3. Lovely blog. For some light relief here is a funny about procrastination



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