Friday, February 24, 2012

In the Studio Today & Weekend Plans

Today it is dark and rainy and windy- perfect for hunkering down in the studio, drinking tea, and sewing....
I am working on my "labor of love" project (click here to see that fabrics I am using)-  I put it aside for a while to work on some other projects, but now it's out again. I would love to get it done for June.... but it has a lot of hand embroidery, so I just don't know....

Speaking of big events in June, I have been putting off getting my dress for my daughter's wedding. I think I am in huge denial that this is really happening! Plus, most of the "mother of the bride" dresses I've seen are so matronly- I don't want to look like the Queen of England, you know?? I mean, don't get me wrong, I love the Queen, I just don't want to look like her! Regular evening-ware seems to be much too revealing for me.... I finally found a website with dresses that I really liked, so I called the shop yesterday to make an appointment and was told that it is taking 16 weeks for dresses to come in- and I was out of luck! Oh my, did I panic....
I called another shop, the same shop where we are getting the bridesmaids dresses, and the very kind lady there told me not to worry, we can put a rush on it, and I can probably have my dress by April... AND they carry the same dress designer that I liked! PHEW!!!! I have an appointment later today, and hopefully I'll find something I like and order it and that will be one more thing off the list and then I can worry about other things....

Daughter is coming home from college for the appointment, and then we are going to dinner, and then going to finish up her registry. She registered for a lot of things back in the summer- and now they are mostly unavailable so we have to go back and pick some current items.

So is anyone watching the Oscars on Sunday night? The media makes such a big deal out of it. I will watch the highlights on Good Morning America on Monday morning.

What will I be watching instead of the Oscars on Sunday night?? Why, I will be watching The Walking Dead on AMC, of course! My absolute FAVORITE show right now!!!! I am so hooked! Creepy and scary and full of drama and human emotion..... Yes, it's about the Zombie Apocalypse, but more than that, it is the story of the survivors and human nature and how do people react at the end of the world. And does, or should,  the Moral Compass change during the Apocalypse??????

Will Rick and Shane battle it out over Lori? Will the group ever recover from the loss of Sophia (that scene was unbelievable....) Will Maggie stay on the farm, and will Glenn stay with her?? What the heck is wrong with Beth- is she just in shock, or does she have "the fever"???  And will we ever find out what Dr. Jensen said to Rick in the final moments before the huge explosion at the CDC?????????

These are things I NEED TO KNOW....  (Are there any other fans out there? I would love to have a discussion group about this.....)

(And now that Downton Abbey has finished for the season, I don't have to choose between my 2 favorite programs on Sunday night.



  1. I saw that on the listing, will have to check it out.
    I like watching tv while I sew, I like those types if they have a good plot.


  2. I had forgotten about the CDC whisper!!!! Now I need to know! OH my, just when you think you hace the Walking Dead figured out...

  3. No I am not into the zombies...My son is.. Also a fellow blogger on my side bar's called Full Freezer...she is very much into it...You would like her blog...
    Have a great day...Lisa

  4. I hope the dress ordering goes smoothly for you. That sure is a long time to wait for a dress then worry about fittings when it comes in.
    I havent seen that show but if you like to read there is a book with the same type of storyline called Swan Song, one of my all time favorites, It is big and thick and full of twists. Its on older book but one of the few I can say I have read more than once,
    Have a great weekend. :)

  5. I understand the search for the perfect dress. My daughter's wedding was last August. I knew the color and style I wanted but it took months to find it. But I was successful and I hope you will find one that suits you too.

  6. Your embroidery is absolutely beautiful! Is it possible for shaky hands to learn such a technique with practice? And I hope your appointment for the dress went well. I know several other mothers and grandmothers who are facing the same thing right now!

  7. I just started watching the Walking Dead. I love it, too! I bought the first season on DVD so I will understand the beginning. It really is a great show!



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