Thursday, April 12, 2012

Treat Yo'self!!

A couple of weeks ago, my 2 daughters and I were at the mall and we walked into New York and Company. I found a scarf that I knew my friend would love, and her birthday is coming up. I bought it for her, and really wanted one for myself, but alas, it was the last one in the store! In the back of my mind I toyed with keeping it for myself and buying her something else (hey- don't judge me! I know YOU have done the same thing!!!!!). But I knew she'd really love it, so I decided to wrap it up for her.

Earlier this week, my younger daughter and I were at a different mall. We walked by New York and Company, and were once again drawn in... Their colors this year can only be described as Scrumptious. Guess what- they had my scarf! And everything in the store was 40% off! We decided to live by the motto "Treat Yo'self!" Who could resist! I think I have rounded out my complete Spring wardrobe. Any of you attending the Spring and Summer trade shows will see me in this:
(OK I probably won't wear ALL of it at the same time, but various components will be showing up in all of my outfits.)

I also bought one of these pins for my friend, so we can be, like, twins.
By the way, are you noticing a lot of orange, aka Tangerine Tango, in the stores right now? Color trends always start with the fashion industry- so what you are seeing in the clothing stores now, you will be seeing in the home decor and gift ware worlds next year. Be on the lookout next year for orange dishes, table cloths, pillows, etc.

I love how the orange and purple "play together" in this palette..... You might never have thought to put an orange purse and purple pin & bracelet together in a single outfit. This works because even though most of the pieces are a single color, i.e. orange OR purple, the scarf and blouse, because they have both colors, act as a "bridge." If you add either one of them to your outfit, it will tie all of the colors together. I'm sure you've noticed this with quilt fabric lines- there might be, say, a pink color way and a chartreuse color way, and they don't seem to go together, but then there will be one or 2 "bridge" prints, such as a panel, or a large floral, that  bring it all together.

The weekend is coming- make sure you Treat Yo'self ! and you don't have to spend a lot of money, either. Maybe a fun outing with the family to a zoo or park, or dinner and game night with a bunch of friends?? How will you Treat Yo'self this weekend???


  1. I'm going on a quilt Shop Hop with my daughter!

  2. Love the purse and the flower pin. Gorgeous :)


  3. I love New Your and Co. but have not been there for almost a year. The purple bracelet is so wonderful. Sounds like a fun trip. Dianntha

  4. LOL I did treat myself! I sat in the shade on Sunday for a full two hours and knitted! Aahhh....there was a breeze blowing and it was lovely!
    Love your outfit - and I am loving the "new" colors (everything old is new again, right?!).



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