Monday, June 18, 2012

That " What Was I Thinking???" Moment...

So..... this is what happens when your daughter gets married and leaves home and leaves you with a bit of emptiness and an identity crisis, and you were needing a new car anyway...

We bought this 2 days before the wedding. We needed a new car, and thought, "Hey, what the heck?" I remember waking up the very next morning after we bought it, jumping up in bed and thinking- "Did we really BUY that car last night????" You know, like when your boyfriend dumps you, so the first thing you do is cut your hair really short and dye it platinum blonde, or run out and get a big tattoo and a few piercings. Yeah, that's kind of how I was feeling. That morning-after "What was I thinking???" moment.

It wasn't exactly an impulse buy- hubby and I had talked about it, and I've always wanted a MINI, and we looked around and I really didn't see any other cars that I liked nearly as much. So we test drove one, talked about it, and went back a few days later. See- not totally an impulse buy.

After years of driving minivans and large 4 door sedans (need them for carting around kiddos), this car hardly seems practical. It's very... small. But it's also very RED and very cute and very British. And once I drove it (I got the S version- as in Super Sporty and Souped-up).... VROOM! I love it, it's lots of fun.

So now that my daughter is married, I'm not sure if I'm growing up, or becoming a kid again. Younger daughter is still home, of course. But she will be a high school senior next year. She doesn't need me to drive her around anymore (she got my old car- hence the need for a new car for me.) I seriously thought about just  continuing to drive her back and forth to school and to all of her activities next year when she's a Senior, just to have an excuse to spend more time with her, but I think that would go over like a lead balloon.

So what do I do with all of my "spare time" that used to be spent caring for and driving around kids?? I have work, of course, which I love. But I feel the need for a new hobby. Or a new adventure. Something fun and exciting, but not TOO exciting. No skydiving in my future. And no tattoos or piercings, I promise. ('Cause no one wants to see that....)

Does anyone have any suggestions? Before I go out and do something silly????


  1. I am seriously in super envy for your cute car!!!!

  2. Cute car!! Love the back of the mirror. :-) As for a new hobby~ I have way too many, so can't offer any advice there. ;-) Have a happy day!

  3. So cute Jackie! We just bought a travel trailer this week. :)

    Things to do: Hiking, photography, golfing, tennis-Something healthy that makes you feel good.

  4. Maybe a nice road trip, then come fall when the cool weather comes you will get into nesting mode and be content through the winter. Then, take another road trip :) LOL worked for me!



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