Friday, June 29, 2012

Just Peachy

Daughter Samantha shares her first guest post as a married lady.

I'm sure that many of you already know this, but married life is fantastic...

What's not so fantastic is sitting at home waiting for my hubby to come home from work.  As I don't have a job yet, I have become domestic goddess... or I was for about 2 days and then I got incredibly tired of cleaning our apartment.  I was ready to turn on some bad TV and zonk out for the day when I realized that I had about 10 peaches sitting on my kitchen table.

Hubby picked these (and about 8 more!) at a farm last week and brought them home for me. I love peaches, but there was only so many I could eat before these babies started getting mushy.  So what's a domestic goddess to do?  Make peach bread of course!

So I threw open the windows, invited in the breeze, and played some official summer music.  My definition of "official summer music" varies from Top 40 to rock anthems, but when a light breeze is coming through the windows and you are making peach bread, folk is the best way to go; like this little ditty from The Civil Wars...

My Father's Father by The Civil Wars on Grooveshark

I used this recipe here in case you are interested in trying it yourself.  I love getting peach bread from the Amish market every once in a while.  Spread it with some butter, pop it in the toaster, and you have a very special treat for breakfast, midday, or midnight!

My own bread turned out a little less sweet but a little more peachy than the Amish loaf, and I have to say it is so good...  "Even better than watching bad TV in your underwear all day?" you may ask.
Yes, even better than that.

Happy weekend!



  1. My husband does that too and I end up cooking the fruit. He does it with blueberries, so i make a sauce with them and have them on my rice cakes. I was the lucky winner of your book, can't wait to get it and try some projects and recipes.


  2. It looks amazing!

    Oh and I remember the "watching TV in your underwear" stage of life...Enjoy that while you can! :)


    I can't believe you didn't bring me any....


  4. I like your dad's comment. LOL! The bread looks and sounds delicious. Never occurred to me to make peach bread but I love peaches so will give it a try! Glad you are a domestic goddess for a while so you could share the recipe. :-)

  5. Looks delicious!



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