Monday, July 2, 2012

A Garden Tour

Way, way back in April, we went on a Historic Home and Garden Tour on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. The day was cloudy but the rain kindly held off until the very end of the day. Every year when we go, it inspires me to come home and work in my own garden. Oh, what grand schemes and plans I dream of while touring these homes and gardens! I only need my own full time professional gardener (or 2) to implement and maintain my garden plans..... We took lots and lots of photos. They will have to do for now, until I hire those gardeners....

Poppy (Pansies in background)

Crape Myrtle trees thrive in the warm Virginia climate. They have a very smooth bark.


I love these paved "kitchen gardens"- close to the back door so you can conveniently run out and snip herbs, etc while you are cooking.

I love a garden with "surprises" around the corner....



A little misty drizzle made us feel like we were in an English garden....

One home had a graveyard set in the farthest corner of the property, 
I was so anxious to find out more about it....

It turned out to be a really lovely resting place for the family pets. 

It is also common to find graveyards for human family members on the properties of these very old homes.

The wrought iron archway on the front of this home was made by Haitian slaves. It has a snake motif, to keep away evil spirits.

Root cellar- gorgeous original hardware on the door.

Dock in the back yard of one of the homes.

I wish I had a fence like this, don't you? (Maybe you actually do have one.... lucky.)

One of my very favorite things that we saw on the tour was this serpentine wall which divided the back yard from the creek.

Are you feeling inspired yet?? It was a really lovely tour... I am already looking forward to going again next Spring. It makes me want to go work in my garden today.... but it's going to be 94 degrees, so I think I'll stay inside and dream about misty, cool English gardens.
Have a happy Monday!


  1. Ooooh, thanks for posting all those lovely pics! We went on a tour last spring in Newport, RI, and it was fantastic, also. I love the talllllll chimney/fireplace - how unique. And that serpentine brick wall - cool! I wish we had a little pet cemetery in our yard. Our "family" members are scattered here, there, and everywhere, wherever we could fit them - not so nice!

  2. I would love to have a yard like that, but I am too lazy to do that, so doing a bit at a time and perking up an area at a time. I have over an acre, so too expensive to hire someone or buy the amount of plants I would need to fill it;)


  3. Thanks for the beautiful garden tour. I love the older homes in the east. The kitchen garden is what inspires me. I would love to have one in my back yard.

  4. Just gorgeous! Was this in the Williamsburg area? Thanks for sharing these pretty photos!

  5. Oh, I want to visit these places in person!! Thanks for the tour as it made me feel like........I had taken a walk in an English garden!



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