Friday, July 27, 2012

DIY Designer Flower Pots

Today, daughter and blog contributor extraordinaire Samantha shows us that inspiration is all around.

If you are anything like me, you love all of the colors, patterns, and trends that are popular right now.  From colorblocking to herringbone to chevron, we are seeing these trends everywhere. And while I can't always afford the designer products, I can make my own, and so can you!

The great part about a lot of the trends going on right now is that they are graphic, bold, and easy to copy.  I tried this on a set of flower pots I'm planning to put in my kitchen to house some potted herbs.

I tried to focus on a different school of style for each of my pots, drawing inspiration from home decor and high fashion...

I drew inspiration for this pot from a lot of the graphic bold prints I've been seeing lately, as well as a collective obsession with yellow.  Would you believe that I found this pillow after I painted this pot?

This pot I took from a more tribal/free spirit side of trends this season.  This peacock-inspired print has been everywhere lately...  it's called Ikat...

And last, but my personal favorite of the pots (don't tell the others!), is the Kate Spade inspired pot.  Preppy but bursting with color, this flower pot emulates a lot of Kate's work.

So what are my tips for being a Designer DIY-er?
  • Keep your eye out for any trends/colors you like and keep track of them.  That's what Pinterest is for!
  • Practice finding new ways to flesh out the patterns you like.  You don't have to copy exactly what you see; be creative!
  • Use the colors/patterns anywhere you want! I did flower pots, but you can make a designer tote bag, wall hanging (there'll be more from me on this), or whatever else you can think of.
I can't wait to get the herbs for these pots and set them up on my kitchen window sill; they'll be a much welcomed pop of color in a yet-to-be-decorated room.

Happy weekend!



  1. I haven't painted in ages, need to get my basement area cleaned up and reorganized. I was lazy and bought a plastic container, but it looks like a ceramic one and with coupons I got a good deal;)


  2. What a great post!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What a fun project - the colors are fantastic and I love how you shared where the graphic ideas started. The DIYer tips are the best! Thank you for sharing your creativity.

  4. such whimsical flower pots. Great use of your inspiration too. Thanks for sharing

  5. How cute -- LOVE the idea of having guest designers!

  6. Great ideas for mine is whirling ;)

  7. These are adorable! Love how you've drawn your inspiration from the latest decorating trends!

  8. Great post love how you got the inspiration for the pots thanks for sharing!

  9. Very interesting! I really like the ampersand design.



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