Monday, July 21, 2008

Maybe Not So Sensible.....

I just love the Jane Austen era, also known as the Regency era (by the way, I just found that out a couple of months ago, quite by accident, so don't think I'm real smart or anything). I especially love the clothing, I can just watch the movies over and over again (this weekend I watched Pride and Prejudice on Oxygen 1 1/2 times, with the commercials, even though I own it on DVD, and I've seen it at least 10 times- what's wrong with me?) Then again, I consider my husband and children's slight obsession with X Men and Lord of the Rings (yawn) and I don't feel so bad.

So a little while back I was thinking wouldn't it be cool to have the patterns to make the clothing like they wear in the movies? So I found these patterns and ordered them, and I have to say that when they came in the mail it was just a little like Christmas, there were little squeals of excitement. I even ordered the "Regency Underthings" pattern, because I wouldn't want my undies to be historically inaccurate, that would really be embarrassing. My daughter looked at them and looked at me and asked, But what are you going to do with them? I must admit, I asked myself the same thing. We don't belong to any of those re-enactment or dance groups, I think I just imagined that I'd make the costumes and wear them around the house, perhaps try on an English accent. And I guess I'd imagined that I'd make them in some parallel universe where I had time for that sort of thing. But in the meantime, the patterns are here waiting.... Oh well, maybe I'll just go make some tea....

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