Friday, July 18, 2008

Meet Maddie

This is the new member of our family, Madeline, aka Maddie. She is about 4 months old, the local animal shelter rescued her from a home that had something like 50 unspayed cats. We had several names picked out before we met her, but once we got her, none of them seemed to fit. For seem reason, she seems like a "Maddie." She has quickly settled in, and the dog is starting to get used to the idea that she is sticking around- for the first couple of days, whenever Daisy saw Maddie, she had this look that said, "Oh, you're still here?" Now they can be in the same room together, even share the sofa. But Daisy is still jealous, she has been the "baby" around here for a long time.

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  1. Maddie is a beauty! I'm sure that soon, she & Daisy will be best of friends. Love that she is a rescue kitty. (But then - I really think that in the end - it's the animals that 'rescue' us. . . )
    xo, Bren

  2. So cute! Miss Maddie looks as if she already has a favorite chair!



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