Monday, November 3, 2008

Thanksgiving is Coming...

Halloween has come and gone which means it is now time to get ready for Thanksgiving (watch out, that means Christmas will be here before we know it.)

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving (besides the turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing and cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie- Oh My!) is my redware turkey platter. I love taking him out at this time every year. My daughter was unpacking some fall decorations a couple of weeks ago and found him wrapped up in paper and asked me if I wanted her to take him out to see him. I declined, deciding that I would rather "unveil" him from his protective paper wrapping at just the right time, and today was the day (gosh I am weird.) But anyway, here he is, in all of his turkey glory. Isn't he a beauty?

I think he is just a masterpiece. He was made by Eldreth Pottery, in neighboring Lancaster County, PA. Eldreth is always one of my first stops when I visit Lancaster County. I have many pieces now, some are out all year long, others are seasonal and for special occasions.

Below are some of my favorite Eldreth Pottery bowls, I think they are so beautiful. They reflect the Pennsylvania German style that I so admire. Something about their utilitarian beauty just seems to take me back to a simpler time.

This pumpkin platter comes out in September and stays out until the Christmas decorations go up, the day after Thanksgiving...
And just to make things more interesting around here, my daughter called home from college yesterday, sounding just terrible. She has had a cold and sore throat for a few weeks that she has not been able to shake. Yesterday she was to the point where she could not swallow, because her throat hurt so badly. I told her to have her roommate drive her to the ER, thinking they would just do a strep culture and send her home with an antibiotic. Shortly after they arrived, her roommate called to tell me that they had started an IV, which of course makes an absent mother a little uneasy. Turns out she probably has mono, and they did rehydrate her and send her home with pain medication and antibiotics. I talked to her this morning, offered to come pick her up and bring her home for a few days, but she says she is feeling better and will just stay there. This is when I feel guilty for not being there, but proud of her independence. I guess we are never too old to experience growing pains. The letting go is hard, but I love to watch as she spreads her wings to fly...


  1. You are right - sometimes the letting go is hard but it is so good to know they have wings and can fly on their own. My kids are in their 30's and somedays I am just happy and say a little prayer that they have someone who loves them and that they are doing well in life. And then coming home for things like Thanksgiving are made so much more enjoyable when we're all together. I have special dishes and decorations that come out for the holidays, too. Yesterday's sermon from our Pastor Kathy was on our heritage and passing tradtions along. I really enjoyed it and bet you would have, too! Would have been a long drive for a church service, though. :-) That turkey platter is absolutely gorgeous!

  2. I love your Turkey Platter! I love the decorations for Thanksgiving. I am glad your daughter is feeling better. It is a hard thing to be so far away from them when they are sick. I think as mothers we always want to fix everything like we did when they were children but have to realize they are grown and we can't do that anymore. :(
    Have a Blessed Day,

  3. Oh, that is too bad. I had mono in college too. It was an unexpected delay in my plans.

    The redware is absolutely stunning. I think that we in Lancaster County take it a bit for granted that Eldreth is right here.

    Becky K.

  4. I love your Turkey Platter ,Can't wait untill thanksgivings here and we all have so many things to be thankful for.Pray for our new prz.and our country.
    hugs ginger
    Enjoyed your blog as always!

  5. Your redware and pottery bowls etc are all very beautiful!
    I wanted to let you know that both my kids had mono at one time. One of them got it and it only affected him for a week or two-The other one got it and had to leave school for 6 months! I tell you this not to scare you but to let your daughter know she needs to be careful and really listen to her body. When my son had it he lived very far away from me and I couldn't do anything to help him~But It all turned out good-It's really amazing how strong willed these kids can be when they need to be. I'm just thrilled we have the Lord in our lives and can pray for our children then just trust in him to do his wonderful thing~♥
    Many blessings,

  6. I love all of your thanksgiving goodies. I hope your daughter gets better. It is so hard to let them go, isn't it?

  7. Hi Jacquelynne~ Wings are very good things...I keep reminding myself how much I liked them, as I'm beginning to watch our growing children~
    I know that hugging your daughter would make both of you feel better! :) Do hope it is just a cold...
    Your pottery is gorgeous!
    I love the colors~
    I love the designs!
    Hope you have a wonderful day~

  8. I love redware!, and yours is especially beautiful with that gorgeous turkey and the acorn detail.
    So, sorry about your daughter, feeling sick and being away from home is so hard. Glad she came home.



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