Monday, November 9, 2009

Halloween 2009 Revisited

After visiting the farmer's market, we brought our pumpkins home and set to work...
Just one of us decided to dress up...
Pumpkin guts everywhere.....
The finished product (and no lost fingers.... a very good thing...)
In the afternoon we also visited an old fort... nice and spooky....
What is that saying about the lunatics running the asylum? I think it may apply....

I can't believe I posted those pictures.... I have a feeling I may regret it... maybe I already do....


  1. Your pictures are hysterical! I love them! You girls look like you were having an absolute blast!

  2. A sense of humor can make life sane. I think you've got it with those photos! They're great! The pumpkins are fantastic! I'll have to show the Steve one to my husband as he is also a Steve. I am strolling some blogs. Something I just haven't had time to do lately.

  3. Huaaaau! Great pictures, it must be a funny day with your girls. You are all in the spirit of thing! :)

  4. You guys are sooooo funny!
    Love it!
    And you might want to go into business crafting pumpkins-You guys do GREAT work.

    Hey, I got my package and LOOOOOOOVE it! Thank you so much again. You have so much talent Jackie!

    I'll be writing you an E mail tonight~:)




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