Monday, November 2, 2009


I have been trying hard to keep up with all of my favorite blogs (so, so many....) and trying to reply to comments on my blog (because I read and so appreciate each and every one). But I fear I have fallen woefully behind (again.... tsk tsk... I know.... shame on me....) So in appreciation for all of the lovely and encouraging comments I receive here, I decided to do something a little special. You see, during the entire month of October, I filed away ALL of your comments. Yep, every single one (I'm just a little sneaky like that...) All of those names are going into a giveaway I am doing. You get an entry for every comment, so if you commented 10 times during the month of October, then you get your name entered 10 times. (You were entering a giveaway and you didn't even know it- hee hee!!)

I am in the process of compiling the entries right now, and I will pull the winner later today.
Tomorrow I will post the name of the winner and their FABULOUS prize (insert Bob Barker immitation here.)

Thank you to everyone who visits here and leaves a comment. Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Guess that will teach us to comment when we read your posts ;-)

  2. That is cool! What a great way to do a giveaway.

    Thanks for all your comments on my blog too!


  3. How nice of you to surprise us with a gift when is already so good to come here and read and comment your blog! :)



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