Thursday, November 19, 2009

Just a Little Obsession

Last Friday, daughter and I were out shopping, and I picked up these (yes, all of them in one day... Hey! Don't judge me! I'm sure you have your "thing"....)

I don't know what it is with me and magazines.... I feel kind of like a moth drawn to the flame... I try to look away... I do, I really do.... but somehow, the pretty pictures capture me every time... and then I start to imagine cozy evenings by the fire glow of the television screen.... just me and my glossy little friends curled up together enjoying one another's company....

I know they can get a little expensive, but at least they're not fattening or illegal, so why not indulge? (Look, Robin, I even bought the ridiculously expensive Gooseberry Patch Christmas edition!)

What's funny is that when I bought them, I knew I'd have to show them to you and make my "confession," and then, lo and behold, while visiting over at Blackbird Designs blog,  Alma admitted to the same obsession.

12 Step Meeting, anyone?

And speaking of "habits," (but this is a good one), block 2 for Settler's Pride showed up in the mailbox yesterday, so I'd better get to it (I know myself: if I don't start it very soon, it will get pushed to the bottom of the pile, possibly never to see the light of day again, and that would be sad....)


  1. Oh Jacquelynne, I have the same obsession. I try, really I do, not to buy so many...but I love looking at all the crafts and food and decoration...and food!!!

    I'm so glad it's not only me who has this downfall!!!


  2. Jackie Jackie Jackie,

    I am so with you,
    Magazines are the only one true vise I have. My husband calls them my drug of choice "ehem" along with coffee and diet coke.

    Gooseberry Patch was expensive but not as much as Artful blogging.I know I got a Artful blogging magazine for my birthday. Man, I cannot believe how high magazines are. In fact yesterday I was looking through a Phylis Hoffman Magazine and didn't buy it because it didn't look like it had enough in it for the $10 they were asking for it. I think I'm in the process of a twelve step program because I am getting to where I'm not buying very many magazines that have ads in them. I'd rather pay the higher price without the ads then lower price and its FULL of ads. I'm getting to where I photo copy things out of the magazines I like then send them to my mom or friends to enjoy.

    Okay, sorry about writing a book here but this is a subject close to my heart (kind of like our sickness for watching Pride and Prejudice!) :)


    P.S. Oh wait, I'm not finished yet. The Phyllis Hoffman magazine (Christmas edition) did have some cute little houses decorated in them that reminded me of you. I thought the ones you do at your church are cuter but it made me think of you! :)

  3. I do know what you mean, I could open a store I have so many magazines. Mostly Gourmet and Bon Appetit having two sons who are chefs I am always out to impress them with my skills. I also have way too many quilting and crochet mags as well. Welcome to the club and if you do find a 12 step program.... oh the heck with it indulge.....

  4. My name is Dawn and I am a magazineholic. This time of the year is the hardest for me.Country Home was my favorite and I really miss it.

  5. Oh that did it. . . just a glimpse of the British Edition of Country Living. . . & I'm planning a trip to my local Barnes & Noble tomorrow while on my errands. . .
    . . . I just cannot resist that magazine. If I could only get one. . . that one would be it. Have fun with yours!
    xo, Bren

  6. Oh how funny, and yes how weak we are!! I love to look at the magazines and glean ideas. There are just so many wonderful ones out there now. And I see that you are a P & P fan! I love all things Jane Austen and my heart pants for the old (Colin Firth) P & P movie. I've read the book three times :-) yep I've got it bad!

  7. me too, it's quilt magazines tho. But even more so, quilt blogs, sewing blogs, blogs with babies, blogs with all children, even cooking blogs. I thinks it the best kind of magazine.

  8. So I'm not alone! What a relief! I'm especially addicted to Christmas editions; decorations and crafts. P & P is one of my favourites, too.
    Enjoy your magazines!

  9. No judging here....that is one of my obsessions too! Especially this time of the many fun ideas and recipes!

  10. It's so comforting to know that you are not alone in these addictions. I get the same feeling when I see fabric I love. My order of Celebration came from Little Acorns today and I almost hyperventilated. Same thing I did at the bookstore with 3 of the same magazines you have. It feeds our creative side, I'm happy for it!

  11. I confesse, I love magazines too and I can't resist to buy a lot of them too. What can we do?:)

  12. Oh, I'm so glad that someone else has the exact same thots abt magazines that I do...helps the guilt to be sure!



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