Friday, February 12, 2010

Digging Out (again.....)

We got another huge snow storm Tuesday night and all day Wednesday. This time the snow was not light and fluffy like Saturday's storm, but it was slushy and heavy, almost impossible to shovel. I don't know how much we got this time, probably about 18" (frankly, I am tired of keeping count). Thank goodness our neighbor came and spent an hour with his tractor plowing us out again (daughter made him a lovely chocolate cake from scratch as a thank you.) If he hadn't come by, I think we'd be snowed in until April.

Hubby took some great photos (I took photos too, but mine stink next to his.)

I put out lots of bird seed. The birds had a feeding frenzy all during the storm, sometimes they were very aggressive and unpolite towards each other! Kitty staked out her spot by the window early and spent the whole day there, watching the scene. Some mourning doves decided to roost right on the window sill, can't you just imagine what Kitty is thinking (Come here, little friends, I want to eat you.....)

Of course, Daisy took her job "patrolling" the yard very seriously- she is such a hard little worker!

Oh Spring, Spring- where are you?
We anxiously await your arrival......


  1. It IS a lot of snow. Warren finally went back to work today. He has been snow blowing the neighborhood....because he can.

    Love your animal photos.

    Becky K.

  2. I hear you, could not get to work yesterday but was able to today. I think I have had my fill of snow for this year and now a few more inches next week,eeeeeeeeeekkkkkkkk
    Love the photo of the birds and the dog was a riot thanks for sharing.

  3. Daisy looks so cute! I couldn't help chuckling as she reminds me of my Princess playing in the snow!! I'm sure she was a soggy puppy mess when it came time to come inside :)

  4. Glad you are managing to get your snow cleared one way or another! Your snow pictures are amazing.
    Keep warm and cosy.

  5. I can't imagine all that snow. . . we get so excited just to get a dusting of snow! . . & Daisy does look like she's very serious about getting through the snow - What a trooper! Hang in there. . . spring will come! . . . (faster than you might want!)
    xo, Bren



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