Saturday, February 6, 2010

Weekend Plans

Well- we are hunkered down for another huge snow storm. It started last night, and it's still coming down and the wind is a-whippin'. Even so, I have some serious plans for the weekend.....
I went to the library the other day and got piles of movies, and went to the store and stocked up on snacks (looks like we may not make it out to the Super Bowl party that we got invited to.....). There is stitching to be done, and many cups of tea to be drunk......

We live in the pink area- the one labelled 18" - 24" ....
Daughter decided she didn't want to be without television, so she ventured out to clear off the dish

(Isn't she cute???? My little "Laura Ingalls")
Also, we noticed last night that the batteries for the Wii remote were almost dead, so hubby braved the elements and went out in the storm to the corner store for more AA's (at least we have our priorities in order....)

Stay warm where ever you are and have a great weekend.


  1. Sewing, movies, and time with the Wii- perfection! Don't forget to snuggle under the blankets and lots of hot chocolate! Enjoy being cozy in your nest- Isn't that the best?:) Lori

  2. Brrr it looks cold! Enjoy the sewing/movie watching & snuggle time! :-)

  3. Hope you are enjoying your family time. We are...

    Your snacks are healthier than my BBQ Chips. Oh well, I don't get them often but I treated myself since the snow was coming.

    Becky K

  4. I hope everything worked out okay this weekend for you...I can't believe you might get hit hard again on Tueday-It's just crazy the difference between where you live and here in Seattle!
    That photo of your daughter is just PRICELESS! I LOOOOVE it!

    I'll be getting out a nice E mail to you in the next couple of days...Part of my company leaves tomorrow, the other part on Tuesday. I'm wiped out but it was so wonderful having us all together again.




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