Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Happy Birthday, Daughter!

My youngest daughter turned 15 today! And as luck would have it, she got to stay home from school for a second snow day since this past weekend's storm. Now, tonight we are supposed to get another foot of snow.... so I am thinking she won't have school tomorrow either!!!! And since she goes to school in the middle of the city, the streets probably won't be cleared for Thursday either..... AND she was already scheduled for a 4 day weekend this coming weekend (off Friday and Monday), so when all is said and done, she may be home from school for over a week.... had I known this, I would have planned a trip to Florida for all of us this week, looks like we wouldn't have missed much (except shovelling out our long drive way...)

We were supposed to go out tonight for her birthday, but with the storm forecasted for tonight, we thought it best to go out last night, just in case. We picked up older daughter from her college dorm and went to the Cheesecake Factory (my favorite!!! - oh and birthday girl's favorite, too).

To make things a little more interesting, two guys just a couple of tables over from us were arrested during dinner! But it happened so quietly that we didn't even notice until they were lead out the back door in handcuffs right past our table! So of course, we spent the rest of dinner trying to figure out what they had done to get arrested..... I told the waitress that I hoped they had left her a good tip before they were taken away!


  1. Happy happy happy BIRTHDAY!! The Cheesecake Factory is certainly one of the best ways to celebrate! And *WOW* an arrest, too??!! Too bad they had to "leave" the party early!:( Enjoy the snow! Lori

  2. Happy Birthday...oooo, I love Cheesecake Factory..very lucky girl indeed!

    And wow, an arrest..that's something you don't see every day in a restaurant!


    P.S...we're in the middle of a blizzard right now...supposed to get 15" before it's done tomorrow!

  3. Happy Birthday to your lovely daugher. Hope she enjoyed her special day despite the snow. Those cheesecakes look delicious especially the chocolate one!
    In England when we write the date we put the date first, then the month and then the year. So to us your daughter's birthday has fallen on 90210! The 9th of the 2nd 2010. My daughter thinks that's cool!

  4. Happy Birthday. Cheesecake Factory sure knows how to celebrate any occasion :-)

  5. Oh Jackie, the girls are growing up too fast! The are beautiful!
    Happy Happy Birthday to your daughter. Timmy will turn 18 this Friday-I think we should arrange a marriage. Tim is a God fearing young man. ;)

    At least the guys that got taken away by you had a good meal! Sounds like it might be the last one for a while!
    The cheesecakes looked amazing.

    Enjoy the week with your daughter-Hopefully you are getting some projects worked on.


  6. Mmmm! Those cakes look delicious!
    Nice you could all celebrate together.

  7. How decadent! You make me drool just looking at the photos! I have never been there, but I sure plan on a visit soon!



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