Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a Green Christmas

One of my favorite ways to decorate for the holidays is to bring in fresh greenery. Floral arrangements are very expensive, but I get the same kind of look for almost free.
Choose a container- it can be anything you like. In the photos below, I have used my pottery basket and some inexpensive glass and resin containers from the craft store.
 You can use household items such as pitchers, bowls of different sizes, even tea cups. Or it would look really cool to use some tin cans in different sizes. If your container is not waterproof, find a plastic container (such as a deli container) that fits inside. Cut a piece of floral foam to fit inside the container (use the "wet" kind that holds water for fresh floral arrangements). Place the floral foam in the container and add water, the foam will absorb the water, then add more water.

Now here is the fun part- gather your greens. Scavenge the yard and garden for whatever you can find, you may be surprised at what you can use. I grab stuff where ever I can find it- sprigs and branches from the trees and bushes, plants in the herb garden that frost has not totally killed yet, even dried up rose hips from the flower beds. Look for different sizes, colors, and textures.

If at all possible, I try to do my arranging right outside- just take the containers and scissors out with me, put everything together, and leave the mess outside. If the weather is bad, though, I bring everything inside and do my arranging at the kitchen sink.
 In this photo, spruce branches from a tree in the back yard, rosemary from the herb garden (adds great fragrance, too), and rose hips.

 I also found some sage in the herb garden, which adds pretty color and more fragrance. Arbor vitae from a large bush in the front flower beds is light and feathery.
Holly adds a classic holiday touch (we are lucky to have 2 different varieties in our yard- a dark green one and a variegated one.)

While choosing some rose hips for my arrangements, I was pleased to find several buds still on my rose bushes (kind of crazy considering how cold it's been here). The reddish foliage also adds some nice contrast to all the greens.

You could even use some bare twigs to add height and drama to the center of your arrangement. Use what you have- you will be surprised at the results.
I also like these ideas from the Better Homes and Gardens website:
Try this if you have a lot of ivy in the yard.

(Don't you love the artichoke in this arrangement- see you can use anything.)

I think this is even prettier than a potted poinsettia wrapped up in metallic paper...

Happy Monday!!!
(Is it really only 5 days till Christmas???)


  1. Oh, I love fresh greens throughout the house! And yours are wonderful! I love the sights of Christmas but much more the scents...

    I have eucalyptus from a tree that a friend cut down. It is the seeded variety. Yesterday I clipped some Bay Laurel from another friend's tree. AND picked up some free branches of pine from Home Depot on the way home. The oasis is in for a soak and then I need to find some containers.

    Thanks for sharing these ideas.
    Merry Christmas,

  2. I love fresh greens too! We are lucky enough to have pine trees and holly and I love bringing them inside. :-) Merry Christmas!



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