Monday, February 21, 2011

A Totally Vera Day

I splurged this weekend. I was at the mall and walked by the Vera Bradley store. I have never been in a Vera Bradley store in my life. I've seen the bags and accessories in other stores, but I was really never interested in them. But this time, the store just kind of sucked me in. Like a tractor beam. And as my husband says, sometimes the only way to disengage the tractor beam is with a credit card. Hmmm.

Often I walk around stores and just get overwhelmed because I want everything, so I end up leaving without getting a thing. But I kind of gravitated to one and I found myself with this in my hands

And then, oddly enough, I found the matching wallet.
I didn't feel too bad about the wallet- the one that I was using was about 12 years old and I got it for $8 at Kmart. So I figured I was due for a new one. (Wow- I just realized that comes out to less than a dollar a year, less than a penny a day- no, I really don't feel bad about a new wallet at all!)
BTW the purse is the Julia bag, the pattern is called Sittin' In a Tree. Can you see the little birds in the pattern?

I took my new purse and wallet to church yesterday, and then realized I was wearing a Vera Wang top from Kohl's. So it was a totally Vera day.
Now I feel like I am a little more ready for spring. C'mon c'mon c'mon Spring! We are patiently waiting!

While visiting the blog of my friend Brenda at Acorn Quilts (and if you like the shabby chic and cottage look, you will love Brenda's site- pop on over for a visit right now!)  I found this blog called (in)courage- an encouraging and thoughtful blog for women. A good way to start your week.


  1. Beautiful bag. I love the structured shape.

  2. Love your bag. I've never seen a Vera Bradley bag shaped like that. My daughter bought me a Vera bag two years ago, and I totally wore it out :-D

  3. I just love the (in)courage blog. . . (& so glad that someone noticed it on my blog!). . . love you new goodies. . . (warning! I've heard that collecting Vera Bradley items is very contagious!)
    xo, Bren

  4. So cute - I love the Sittin' in a Tree pattern! I always end up spending way too much when I go to their stores, because anytime I get a tote or purse, I have to get a matching wallet. Of course, it sounds like you definitely earned a new one (seriously, 12 years!). Enjoy!



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