Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Faces of Love

Daughter was home for Spring Break last week and spent her time on a school project- for one of her classes, she has to write and illustrate a children's book. She was hesitant to work on the illustrations, she didn't think she could do it- but I think it came out really cute. The name of the book is "Faces of Love."
I think her illustrations are clever- I wouldn't have thought of this concept. Creative girl!

We sit around and make up stories all the time. When I am working on a fabric line, we think of stories to go with the characters and what they are doing- and those concepts really come through in the final product. Right now, we have several ideas for illustrated children's books and young adult novels. Maybe a mother daughter project could be in our future- I would LOVE that.


  1. I love the illustrations that your daughter came up with for her assignment!

  2. Mother-daughter projects are fun. I like your daughter's heart people. I drew something similar an some Valentines a few years ago. I love hearts in all shapes and sizes. :-)



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