Monday, March 14, 2011

My 10 Favorite Movies

In no particular order, 10 of my favorite movies…
1. Babe- Who doesn’t love a talking singing pig? Makes me feel guilty about eating and enjoying bacon.

2. Moonstruck- The story of Loretta Castorini, her boyfriend Johnny Cammarari, her boyfriend’s brother Ronny Cammarari, her father Cosmo Castorini’s affair with Mona, and her Aunt Rita and Uncle Raymond Cappomaggi. Sadly, I did not have to look those names up- I know them by heart.

3. Indiana Jones- Harrison Ford with scruffy beard, leather jacket and fedora. Need I say more.

4. The Empire Strikes Back- Harrison Ford slinging space age pistol. Ditto.

5. Pride and Prejudice (2005- Kiera Knightly)- The costumes… Mr. Darcy... The soundtrack… Mr. Darcy... The scenery… Mr. Darcy.

6. The Princess Bride- Mawage. You’ve been mostly dead all day. As you wish….

7. Napoleon Dynamite- First time I saw it I totally didn’t get it. Glad I gave it a second, and third, and fourth, and fifth chance.

8. The Village- Some scenes filmed right here in my home county. Haunting soundtrack. Blind Ivy waits amidst impending doom as she trusts that Lucius will come to save her…. And he does. Most romantic scene ever. EVER.

9. Penelope- The story of a sweet, sheltered, cursed pig-girl with a fabulous wardrobe. And a fairy tale ending. Sigh. (Also makes me feel guilty about eating bacon, see #1.)

10. While You Were Sleeping- My favorite, favorite romantic comedy ever. Sandra Bullock is her usual funny adorable self. Perfect Christmas-time viewing.

OK- does anyone want to chime in here? Do you agree with me? Violently disagree??????
I feel like turning on the DVD player and settling in for an entire day of movie watching. Anyone with me? I’ll go make the popcorn…..

PS thanks a million to Charlie Sheen for stopping by and taking the time to comment on my last post. I know what a busy guy you are nowadays.....


  1. Great movie list and I totally agree with While You Were Sleeping. It's my all-time favorite! Whatever happened to Bill Pullman? Have a great week...

  2. Absolutely the Kiera Knightly version of P&P. Not only while you were sleeping but anything Sandra Bullock.

  3. Movie night at your house? I would definitely be there!

  4. I can watch The Princess Bride over and over again. I love that movie! Moonstruck is such a sweet movie. The first Indiana Jones movie was awesome. Oh, yes, to Pride and Prejudice and the costumes. Haven't watched The Village but hear it's good. And I enjoy almost any movie with Sandra Bullock. I watched Penelope recently and that was a surprisingly good movie. And wow, a comment from Charlie Sheen. Hmm.....dare I say...he was googling for "wife" and found you. LOL!

  5. I can not believe there are others that absolutely loves While You Were Sleeping!!! Many have never heard of it. I can not watch that movie without crying! And I do not cry watching movies. I absolutely love, love, love this movie. And I will watch it any time of year (even though it is set at Christmas). A few more on my list:
    1. Music and Lyrics!
    2. Sahara
    3. Any Harrison Ford movie
    4. Monsters Inc.
    hmmm... it's supposed to rain here tomorrow...and it is Spring Break. Maybe we need to have a movie day! ;-)

  6. A little bit different list, but I think this is my top 10.

    1. Back to the Future
    2. Titanic
    3. Munich
    4. Ferris Beuller's Day Off
    5. Avatar
    6. The Dark Knight
    7. Toy Story 3
    8. Tron (the original)
    9. The Warriors (1979)
    10. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

  7. I LOVE The Village! The scene you referred to is one of my favorites as well. What a beautiful picture of trust! To have that kind of trust in Jesus would please him very much I think. Another one I think you would enjoy is Return to Me with David Duchovny and Minnie Driver. Very sad parts, very funny parts, very touching all the way through. Fun and deep friendships portrayed. Just stumbled onto your blog and have been very blessed. God bless you!

  8. While you were sleeping is a MUST see every Christmas. My hubby even likes it.

    I agree with your list except...Napoleon Dynamite. No thanks.

    And where is The Little Princess? (the newer non-Shirley Temple version). I'll never grow out of it. Best movie EVER!!!

  9. a top ten would be hard but I think mine would be:
    1. Arsnic and old lace - cary grant why else
    2. jaws - who doesn't love a movie that scares you to death from swimming in the ocean the rest of your life.
    3.mama mia - what can I say
    4. independance day - will love him
    5. men in black - will and tommy what a team
    6. ferris buellers day off - hookie time
    7. godzilla - love b movies
    8. goen with teh wind - classic
    9. star wars - yeah harrison ford is why
    10. the jerk - just some classic lines in that one.

  10. Top five, no particular order;
    1.The Color Purple
    2.Fried Green Tomatoes
    3.The Illustrated Man
    4.The Breakfast Club
    5.The World According to Garp

  11. Ooo! Oooo! #6 Fiddler on the Roof!!



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