Friday, March 25, 2011

Quilt Show Photos Part 1

Here are photos of some of my favorite quilts at the AQS Quilt Show in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. All of the quilts that I liked the best had bright cheery colors, and all but 2 featured applique (really, no surprise there.) The cheery colors are certainly needed here- I haven't seen the sun for days- so much for first week of Spring!

"Emily" Quilt by Kathi Carter of Lanett, Alabama. Won award for Best Longarm Workmanship. I love the spring colors.

 "Birds in the Forest" by Jenny Bacon of Australia. Just love the border. Won a Third Place ribbon (not sure of the category).
 "Daisy Dance" by Kathy Munkelwitz of Isle, MN. I am such a sucker for the flower applique.

 "Double Wedding Ring" by Beverly J. Willis of Mansfield, Ohio. No applique in this one- but the colors! They just cheer me up! The quilting is great too.

Do you have a favorite? What draws you to a quilt- the color, the pattern, the quilting, the presence/absence of an applique design??

I'll have more photos next week. That ought to give your creativity a jump start- now go make something!!!


  1. I love your blog, all of the quilts are beautiful!

  2. Daisy Dance and Emily would be my favourites. Wonder if I can find a pattern for Daisy Dance, that would be perfect for my folks.

    1. think its a fons and porter design .believe its in an old magazine

  3. Beautiful quilts!! My favorite is the applique flowers! Love applique but I don't take the time to learn this technique properly...oh well, i can still look!!

  4. That first one was my favorite. Just loved it! That colorful "Double Wedding" Ring was nice, too and so was the "Daisy Dance" by Kathie from MN! They are all filled with colors that we all need after this long winter!

  5. A lovely testament to your friend Dottie....Love all the quilts...they are magnificent...and congratulations on your new endeavors!! Good luck, I know you will be a success!

  6. Here's a question from a non-quilter... Is longarm a term relating to machine quilting? Or is the Emily quilt all hand quilted?

    They are all awesomely beautiful and soooo intricate!

    I think "Birds of the Forest" is my favorite.

  7. Judy- yes, a long-arm machine is a large special machine used for quilting. There are many, many talented long-arm artists out there!



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