Friday, August 26, 2011

Fun Friday Silhouette Project

Look what daughter did! I think it’s sooooo cool. Older daughter is getting ready to move into her first apartment for her senior year at college. (She was supposed to move in on Sunday…. But due to the impending Hurricane, the semester will start 2 days late.) Anyway, she wanted some cool stuff to decorate her apartment with, and of course being a college student she needs to decorate on a very limited budget. She “commissioned” younger daughter to make her something for the wall. Her only condition- that it had to go into an old beat up frame that older daughter had “requisitioned” from my mother’s garage. This was younger daughter’s inspiration:

A photo of a cool sofa from an Anthropologie catalog. It has curved piecing and the seam allowances are on the outside. Here is the link to a tutorial for doing the curved piecing.

To make this project, choose your frame and cut a piece of foam core board to fit in the frame. Go through your stash and find some interesting fabrics. Piece a background that is at least an inch larger than the foam core board. Do any kind of decorative stitching that you would like on the fabric. Daughter did wavy lines. Wrap the fabric around the foam core board and secure. Place in the frame.
Choose a silhouette design that you like (there are tons on the internet). Enlarge it to the size that you need, and trace onto a dark fabric (such as brown, black, or gray.) Cut out. Glue to background. (Of course, you could do this step before you attach the background piece to the foam core board, and you could use fusible webbing or applique it. But since this is a wall hanging, a few small drops of Tacky Glue will work just fine.)
Voila! Totally cool and inexpensive art!

Here on the East Coast, we are hunkering down for Hurricane Irene, which is supposed to hit late Saturday night/early Sunday morning. We are just hoping that the electric does not go out for days and days (as has been known to happen here where we live.) Since we have an electric water pump and lose water whenever the electric goes out, I have been collecting water in every available container I can find for drinking, cooking (luckily we have a gas stove) and flushing the toilet. Hmmm, it's kind of like camping (have I ever mentioned that I hate camping??) 
Stay safe and dry, everyone, and have a good weekend.


  1. We are in full hurricane preparation mode too. I'm also hosting a family party tomorrow night so I'm juggling a lot of balls right now. What a week, an earthquake on Tuesday and now a possible hurricane. Stay safe.

  2. We are also in full Hurricane preparation mode. First the earthquake and now Hurricane Irene. Will be a "fun" week.

    Stay safe and dry!


  3. My son and his family are in North Carolina (Raleigh/Durham) so will get some of the fringes of the hurricane. I'm so glad they aren't on the coast. Am praying the hurricane won't be as bad as predicted and also for your safety.

  4. Stay safe my prayers are with everyone on the east coast. Our son is living in Boston so we are concerned about him but just have to wait and see the path the storm takes.

  5. Great decoration for her room.
    Stay safe from Irene.

  6. Love the silhouette. The idea is charming, as well as the senior decorating on a limited budget! You have lovely children. Good luck with the hurricane.



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