Monday, August 15, 2011

Hey Babe- It's Time for the County Fair

 (BTW, let me start out by saying that I do realize that by putting the word "Babe" in my post title, I am opening myself up for a slew of spam comments here.)
 One of my favorite things about summer is the county fair. I will admit it unabashedly- we have a great fair! A couple of weeks ago we went to the county fair for the neighboring county, and it just paled in comparison (and they charged an unconscionable $10 for parking! Ours is only $5.00). The best part of the fair is all of the animals. CAUTION: MANY MANY PHOTOS OF LIVESTOCK AHEAD. Please indulge me- I am just a sucker for the big brown eyes.

Piles of piggies:
 What do you get when you put 20 kids in a pen with 19 piglets, and the kids have to try to catch a pig? The Pig Scramble, of course:

What? You say you want to see more livestock photos???
 Lamancha Dairy goats are born with little tiny ears.

A Nigerian Dwarf goat kid- my favorite.

Miniature horses were very popular this year.

There were some gorgeous poultry specimens (hard to get a good photo through the caging, though.)

Of course, you can't have a fair without the Home Ec competitions. There were baking, flower arrangement, quilt, photography, artwork, needlework and scrapbook exhibits (didn't get photos of those.)

A nice display of restored antique tractors:

Can't have a county fair without funnel cake and ice cream....

 (thanks to hubby for the great photos.)
Happy Summer!!


  1. Our county (and state) fairs are always in the winter. So I guess some of these vendors will be heading south soon :-)

  2. The fair is such fun. Ours comes in Oct. I will be entering some handmade items to be judged this year.

  3. Love, love those brown eyes! They are all so cute....I'd be hoping they would follow me home! Then hubby would make them all go back! LOL Hope you have fun at the fair - enjoy that funnel cake for me! (Can't have that yumminess...not on my list!)

  4. Oh, i love funnel cake .. it's been years. Now I have a craving!



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