Thursday, September 1, 2011

A New Look....

Oh What a strange week last week was! Thank you for all of your kind and encouraging comments. I am ready to settle back into a schedule and a little normalcy. Oldest daughter went back to college on Tuesday (which was postponed 2 days because of the hurricane.) Youngest daughter goes back to high school today (postponed 1 day.) I now have an engaged-to-be-married college senior and a soon-to-be-driving high school junior. Life moves way too fast!!

I mentioned a couple of weeks ago that my blog was getting a new look. What do you think? My youngest daughter thought I needed a more modern look, and she did it all by herself. Well that's it. Now she's made herself completely indispensable, I told her she can NEVER go away to college or leave me for any reason!!! Did anyone ever read the book "Like Water for Chocolate" (I think that's the title) and the youngest daughter is not allowed to married- she has to stay and take care of her parents. Yeah, that's the ticket!!

Speaking of a new look, I spent a few days cleaning out my studio when the electric was out. (You can see photos of my studio here.) Since I couldn't sew or work on the computer, I figured it was the best use of my time. I also recently got a new quilt rack that hubby hung over my cutting table for me.

Problem is, that now it looks so good that I don't want to work in it, for fear of messing it up! I just want to sit in my chair and drink tea and look at it all day!! OK, none of that- time to get to work. I am soooo behind now- didn't realize how behind I was till I made a list last night. Uh-oh, that was an eye opener. Just 8 weeks till Quilt Market. Gotta go mess up the studio now....

PS Something else I am behind on is my September Newsletter. I am working on it and hope to get it out next week. So if you haven't signed up yet, you can do so on the right side bar (at the top.) I got a lot of positive feedback from the last one, so I hope you like this one too!


  1. I am so happy to have found you. I enjoy reading your posts. I am glad you are getting back after the hurricane. I can relate; my oldest son just got married. My next daughter got married in February. My next daughter is a senior this year, and my baby (who is 15)is also learning to drive. Life does go by so fast.

    Love your ideas - they are everything I love. Have a good day!

  2. Your blog looks awesome. How great to have a daughter who can redesign with such style. I sure do understand wanting to keep them too. My youngest is in his second year of college, and it is flying by so quickly. My daughter still lives at home, but I don't know what I will do if she marries :-( But we have to let them go, don't we. I love how your quilt rack looks over your cutting table too.

  3. Love that quilt hanging up- Gorgeous!

  4. look~ aren't DD's the best!? Love your work space too. Have a happy day!

  5. Hmmm blogger didn't print all of my comment~ it was supposed to have a "I love your new" before 'look'. LOL

  6. Your new "look" is really nice - and I love your cutting table with the pretty quilty wall hanging! Sweet! I'm looking forward to your next newsletter - don't know how you'll get everything done; you do an amazing amount of work! And we all benefit, so "thank you!"

  7. wow, that Irene sure was mean. Glad you are safe.
    I do like the new look your blog and now subscribe to your newsletter. Look forward to reading. I couldn't find the comment button in "a new look" post.

  8. It's gorgeous. Your daughter did a wonderful job.



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