Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Newsletter is Coming....

The September newsletter will be sent out tomorrow (Wednesday) afternoon. Are you a subscriber yet? If not, it's easy to sign up at the top of the right sidebar here on my blog. In the September issue, there will be an exclusive free project, stitchery pattern, and recipe. Like this....
and this...

and this....
mmmmm... Cranberry Walnut Biscuits with Honey Butter.... made them for breakfast the other day, and they were so good. And very simple (I like simple).

Sign up today and don't miss out!

Also, very importantly, today is daughter's 21st birthday. She and her fiance came by this weekend for a little celebration. We had dinner at a Malaysian restaurant (yummy noodles- my favorite!) Then we came home and for dessert we had this wonderful pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting that younger daughter made.
Then daughter opened some presents and we watched Jane Eyre (even the guys!) I prefer the lightness and humor of Jane Austen to Bronte, but I think the guys prefer the Bronte stories because they are always much more dark and mysterious.

Happy Birthday, Daughter! You are a joy and a delight, 
and we have truly been blessed to have you in our lives.


  1. Ohhh...can't wait to see the pattern, is there a beehive on it? :) Thanks for making a Wednesday exciting!

  2. Yes it does have a beehive- how did you guess???

  3. Happy Birthday Daughter! What are the Bronte Stories? That sound interesting? I love Jane Eyre but am always on the look out for new reading material (or watching) :)


  4. I got my newsletter. Thanks and thanks for the free pattern. So cute.
    And Happy Birthday to your daughter.

  5. Got my newsletter and read bits of it but his weekend, I'll read it all and also catch up on your blog. It has been crazy busy here but thankful it has not involved weather issues as it has for so many of you out East. Love the new look to your blog!!



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